Janin! I’m on my way!

Hello Beee-euuuu-tiful Ones!

Am massively sorry for not being here of late. Has been an extremely busy couple of weeks, what with getting the Haven back onto the market (cleaned), photographed and sold with hand-slapping, box ticking swiftness. So far first two have been completed.

Also, sprogs have gone back to school – today. Hurrah! Why is it that on the first day of school it always feels nippy in the morning? Nippy and Septemberish. You know? Some kids have been going go school since Tuesday, but the mornings have not felt nippy and Septemberish like this morning did.

And I know. For FACT (why does everyone keep ending every sentence with a declaration of “FACT”. Really irritating. Have had to tell Ads to sort it out on numerous occasions.) Anyway, I know this for FACT, because I have been out very early every day since September started.


That’s right.

And I must say my bottom is beginning to look rather nice. I keep on admiring it in the mirror and have little regard as to who sees me doing it. Quite soon I may consider submitting a picture of my bottom to the website designer at Prestige Boot Camp and suggest that they take the airbrushed bottom off the home page and paste my bottom on there instead. That’s how much I’m liking my bottom at the moment. FACT.

Anyway, anyway, anyway, this was just a fly in, fly out post to say hello to you my beautiful darlings and apologise for quiet episode. I can’t stay any longer though because my gorgeous Munich soul-sister, Janin has flown over from Germany and is awaiting me at Me’Acre’s. We are going to take Doris out for a spin with her roof down and take tea in some fine island beauty spots. Then tomorrow am off to Bestival. Florence and the Machine are headlining. Woo-hoo! Determined, instead of getting the large-crowds-watching-stage panic and getting ridiculously pissed to counteract that and then taking seven days to recover, am going to sail through day full of confidence and gorgeousness, being naturally sensational with ease and grace.

With a bottle of H20 in my hand.

And that’s a FACT.

And it will all be lovely.

Right. Better go. Janin is going to be wondering where I am and in a minute, as a blessed subscriber of this blog, she will have a post in her inbox which will highlight the fact I’m on my laptop and not driving. Actually, I might change the name of this post to “Janin! I’m on my way!”

Oh sheet, phone is ringing. That”ll be her. I’m off … xxx

PS. I did just very quickly read this post through. It is quite crap. Massive apologies for that. Will write a much more meaty, fleshy, mouth watering one later. Love.


4 thoughts on “Janin! I’m on my way!

  1. Bethan, you are funny. To be able to put a smile on my face when I’m tucked up in bed the night before going to Bestival but not able to sleep cause really not feeling too well (REALLY bad timing!) your doing well… Anyway. I think it’s great you love your bum! Who wouldn’t you amazingly fit and gorgeous lady! 😉 xxx

    • Hello you gorgeous one! Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling too good … and right before Bestival. Ooooooooh. Not good timing at all. I hope you still go and I REALLY hope I see you and actually get the chance to chill and have some Han-Time. Massive love to you xxx

  2. I’m sorry,but without photos for us to ogle, any claims as to the niceness of your bottom cannot be accepted as fact. I mean, we only have your word for it 🙂

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