After the rain, comes …

Just got back from a beautiful run. Woke up at five o’clock and thought about yesterday, which, if I’m honest wasn’t a great day. I’ve been flooded out recently. Flooded with stress, distress, self doubt, life doubt, everything doubt. Do you ever get days like that? When you feel completely alone and marooned in this big old void and you are wondering what the hell is going on?

This morning I got up and I ran and I stopped and walked a bit because I was tired and sweating out and just couldn’t be arsed to really push myself.

There was a time when I’d never have admitted that to anyone.



A life coach who is struggling to SORT HER OWN HEAD OUT AND FEEL LIKE HER  LIFE IS A BED OF ROSES?


You see, all these Rhonda Byrnes and SARKS and visionary people who teach these soul tools aren’t any different to anyone else. They’re just people who are making their way from teaching soul tools instead of DIY tools. No different. And who ever thought those men and women who sell DIY tools in their hardware stores are immune from rising damp in their house? Whoever said that someone who coaches everyone else into making their lives sensational can’t ever get to a boggy part of their life?

I’ve not written this blog properly for awhile because I want to write honestly, truthfully and from the heart. And I don’t really want to just pin up a load of my own blurghness.

But this morning I got back from my run and sat on the doorstep and listened to the awol cockerel crowing from next door’s garden. I looked at the garden, suddenly green and lush from all the rain that has flooded out the UK recently. I thought, “Usually the earth is looking parched and dry by now, but thanks to all this rain everything is green and lush and vibrant.”

And then I had a really gorgeous thought that made me think of this blog and you, lovely one. I thought, “maybe when we have soul rain the key is to trust it. Perhaps it’s all necessary so that when the sunshine comes, the growth with flourish and our spirits will bloom.”

Right. I’m off to have a shower. Because even people who talk about Gorgeousness sweat and start to whiff. Big love to you.


3 thoughts on “After the rain, comes …

  1. Nice to hear your beautiful voice again. There are months and months where I don’t blog because I don’t want to just be going bleurgh at the internet either.

    I think perfect humans are annoying and imaginary. It’s OK to stop and walk once in a while (mentally or while running), sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. I love the image of soul-rain, big love, be gentles with yourself.

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