Rainforest Day Alchemy

It’s been another rainforest monsoon day.

And a painting day.


Creating vibrancy whilst outside the rain lashes down.

 RELISHing the pigments that Mum brought me home from Peru. They came sealed in little bags, all joined together like the ropes of sweets you can buy on the continent. When she gave them to me I thought the colours looked gaudy and synthetic.

To begin with I couldn’t believe that they were really natural.

So unlike my gentle earth-toned ore from the south of France (used to create the artwork for Grow Your Own Gorgeousness).

The Peruvian pigments are clashing and bold.

A riot of psychedelia.

I mean, really?

Barbie pink?

How could that be from a natural source?

Yet they are. All of them.

They’re from cactuses, rocks, blossoms, flowers and the crunched up shells of vibrant beetles (sorry beetles!).

So, whilst the rain lashes down outside I have been a little alchemist of action. A jungle witch-doctoress.

This was my formula:

Rainforest monsoon day + Peruvian pigments = Painting day + Time + Inspiration = Cover for upcoming children’s ebook Unleash The Zoo In You.

The children havent escaped the inspiration either. Roo has made a shield and an abstract design for his birthday “thank you” cards and has now been inspired to make an art studio on his bedroom.

He’s hurried off with paints, plates and glasses of water.

Which makes me slightly anxious.

But not really …

Because actually, the happiness at knowing that he is creating art is so much bigger than the mission to get paint off wood later.

Or sand out of socks after making sand angels on the beach.

Or picking the bones out of mackerel.

Or Peruvian pigment stains off the palms of your hands.

If I was to say anything to anyone today, I’d say, get your hands dirty with the business of life.

And make something.

And don’t let the monsoons get you down.

xxx Love xxx


3 thoughts on “Rainforest Day Alchemy

  1. That is so cool, and you are so right! let the kids be!
    The cover of Unleash The Zoo in you, looks awesome! Amazing colours, amazing book.

    • Hi Ivan! Long time – no hear. Hope you and your boy are all good and gorgeous. Thanks for liking the cover for Unleash The Zoo In You. I am in a bit of a fix as to which name to put it in. This has been something that’s bugged me for a while. My old married name is Stritton. My maiden name is Christopher and that’s the name I’ll be officially returning to. BUT. All of my work so far has been in the name Stritton. I’m not sure WHAT TO DO. I think that ultimately I’ll stick with Stritton as my writing name and keep Christopher for … well … I don’t know … something else! hehe. Other than that I might just ditch all names and call myself Bethan Full-Stop. x

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