Do you like this?

Hola Beauty-Full Ones.

Do you like this picture?

I painted it to be the front cover for one of the downloads I’m making (all about replacing negative body labels with super gorgeous positive ones). Once it was finished I knew immediately that it wasn’t right for the front cover, so I painted a different one and that was that.

However. I couldn’t put this image away. I made it the screen save on my computer. Something about it has enchanted me. It has bewitched me. I feel quite hypnotised by it.

Now I’ve gone and printed this beautiful woman off on cartridge paper and started to share her with people.

I just want to wake her up and show her how beautiful she is.

Do you feel that at all?

Help her take off those negative body labels that she lives with.

Show her how dreamily beautiful she is.

I don’t know who she is … or where she wants to go … but I think she may be a little bit of Gorgeousness determined to get out into the world.

If she whispers to you, please feel free to print her off and pass her on. Post her on your wall and share her with your friends! Thank you.

Oh – and P.S. Whilst running the other day I had this inspiration. Because I love you so much – and I really mean that! – I am going to endeavour to post a little slice of Gorgeousness on here every Monday morning. It’s going to be your Moon-Day Mindset Post, to set you up for a week of pure Gorgeousness. So before you check your inbox on Monday and even before you make your cup of Yorkshire tea, quickly nip here and see how this short (very short – don’t panic) slice  of Moon-Day Mindsetness can make you feel all lovely.

PPS. Here it is very rainy. Very windy. Very motivational weather for Isle of Wight Festival. Mmmm. But it shall be fine.


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