Venus In Transit – Munich Manifestor Of Gorgeousness

Dear Venus,

May Fingerprints Kreativ Bloom like an exotic flower bed in a hot house, fed with Jerry’s Homeopathic “Watch It Grow” and the elixir of Love!

Dear Venus,

May Janin be in the flow – the beautiful jet stream – that will take her whoooooshing on a water slide to her richest dreams (whilst she laughs and LOVES the journey).

Dear Venus,

May Janin open her dress to create an endless pocket that the Universe fills with MASSIVE ABUNDANCE. We are talking everything here, Venus … rich friendships, overflowing wealth, souring creativity, crystal clarity, prosperity in her relationship, home life, social life and cultural nourishment. Shower her in air miles, Venus. And love. And beauty. And freedom. And strength. And wishes and dreams coming true on every level. But first, Venus, let her receive everything she needs to OPEN HER DRESS and receive!

xxx Muchos gracius in advance. xxx


7 thoughts on “Venus In Transit – Munich Manifestor Of Gorgeousness

  1. ha ha ha! Told you I am rubbish with the drawing!!! The last picture is meant to show me in a pose like the girl in “The Star Money” and has NOTHING to do with open dresses and the like…
    But apart from that: Thank you sweety!

    • Well darling, I have no idea what The Star Money is, but when I was little and I needed a very large pocket to carry my abundance of sweets/apples/pinecombs around in, I’d pull out my jumper or dress JUST LIKE THAT!
      PS. Your drawings are gorgeous and caught the essence of exactly what you wanted to say – except the last – buts that’s okay.
      PPS. Look in your inbox!

      • “The Star Money” is a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm and obviously more famous in Germany than it is in England. 😉 But you got the right idea about it so actually even the last picture is surprisingly accurate. And your prayers capture exactly what I wanted to say. Just had a look in my inbox and will reply in detail shortly. Luv ya loads! xxx

  2. The Power of Venus is incredible. I was facing some serious problems in terms of money. I didn’t know how to pay the rent and a number of other pressing bills to maintain my little, beloved shop. I went through a rather difficult time over the last months and had all my reserves put into the business already.
    On June the 6th I drew those pictures and asked the universe to help me. I made myself ready to receive and let go.
    On Monday I will be able to put quite a large amount of money into my account that will cover ALL my outstanding expenses. What happened?
    Venus sent me an angel in disguise. Someone I met only a week ago just gave me an interest free loan that I only have to pay back when it doesn’t hurt me any more. And there are no strings attached! He just wants to help me out and see my shop flourish.
    So I am not only having the money I so desperately needed, but I probably made a a new friend as well.
    How awesome is that?!?

    • That is utterly amazing Janin! I love it. I’ve just looked at your pictures and what is really incredible is that a) you were asking for Fingerprints to bloom and blossom, which this person sounds like they are prepared to help you do on more than just a financial level b) you got into the flow and trusted in the Universe and c) the funds came pouring in like a gorgeous waterfall … right into your lap. Am so happy for you. xxx

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