The Great Solar Powered Fridge Magnet – Power Planet Street Party Day 2

Four years ago I dreamed up a beautiful window.

It looked out onto a wild cottage garden, a stone wall clad in dog rose. This A3 picture was then selotaped onto my fridge door (perfect place for a vision board, so I thought).

Initially I smiled at the picture every day. Then it became “usual”, just an image on the periphery of my inner thoughts and daily living. Eventually the picture became tattered and tea flicked. I took it down.

Three years ago I walked into this beautiful house where I now sit – The Haven.

A dream home; open plan rooms, oak floors, bespoke kitchen, Farrow and Ball interior, a jungle garden and views to the sea. Boxes of books, suitcases and furniture were scattered everywhere.

Walking through from the kitchen into the living room, I suddenly noticed The Window. It was the window from my drawing! Only now, with the summer sun pouring through, the roses in bloom on the wall and a wildness of new growth all around, could I see that it was the very same one.

This was my little soul house.

I’d dreamed it up and somehow the dream had been created.

My picture on the fridge had acted like a magnet, pulling my house to me.

I didn’t expect to be leaving it quite so soon though.

I forgot to put The Haven onto my Letting Go lantern that I set off last night.

A lot of other feelings that sit heavily on my heart went on there instead.

Loss became letting go.

A beautiful evolution.

But not the house! I thought that when the surveyor came to look at the place yesterday, I was all very okay about setting this little dream free. However writing this, it feels a little less easy. It turns out that I need a soul home, a haven, a little place to be at peace. And it turns out that this place is rooted very deeply inside me.

And so, sigh.

Out come the felt tip pens, to set the kindling, add the coal, ignite a match and fire up a new dream.

And I know I’ll do it.

Enough! Poooof! I’m blowing away the blues like a dandelion clock. Gone! Goodbye!

AND ONTO TODAY … the next part of the Planetary Street Party.

Venus, a dot of Gorgeousness, is crossing the face of the Sun. She is like a little Apprentice, floating before the great face of Alan Sugar. Or a tiny entrepreneur in her moment of glory as she places her bid in the Dragon’s Den! (I could add that Venus is an awe-struck child before the great Oz Man of Jim’ll Fix It, but I’ve never been very comfortable with Jimmy Saville so let’s forget I mentioned him).

This is Venus’s chance – a chance that won’t come back until 2117. And it’s our chance to hold up our wishes, dreams and intentions to the Great Solar Powered Fridge Magnet, to show It Ourselves in our full Gorgeousness … all of our BIGGEST, most impossible/becoming possible dreams … our FATTEST wishes and desires …. our FULLEST, most CURVALICIOUS intentions. Today is the day to hold them up in our hearts and say, GRANT THEM THEN GORGEOUSNESS.

You will need; Pens. Pencils. Inks. Paper. Pads. The bigger. The bolder. The brighter. The better.

1. Write down your most vibrant, abundant, juiciest, fruitest, vibrating slice of a life. It could be this year. Next year. Ten years down the line. What o you want?  

2. Now make images. Create images. Big, small, messy, intricate, whatever. Just create images of every aspect. Be clear. Show the Great Solar Powered Fridge Magnet exactly what you want and then festoon your fridge, wardrobe, bedroom doors, whatever, in these images. Make bunting out of them. Blow them up onto canvases. Stitch them onto cushions. Shout/sing/wail them out at the top of your lungs. Drum them, strum them, exhibit them.

3. Take a deep breath. Smile. Feel the joy and gorgeousness of what you’ve just displayed to the Sun. Trust. Relax.

Over the next few hours I am going to post some of my commanding pictures to the Solar Powered Fridge Magnet. I would love to create us all a sacred Gorgeousness page on here, all powered up to shoot our visions and wishes out into the Big Universe. If you would be happy to have yours included (as many as you like) email them to me at


This is my first picture.

You’ll never guess what! Ha.


9 thoughts on “The Great Solar Powered Fridge Magnet – Power Planet Street Party Day 2

  1. So- the house is sold? Can imagine it being a little hard to let it go.
    Just a question: Do you still get the emails sent to the bethanmaker-adress? And have you seen your mum since she’s back? She has a little something for you that is somehow very much related to this post. Will grab some food now and pen and paper just afterwards… Love you!!! xxx

    • Pretty much. I’m waiting for confirmation tomorrow. I’m in a state of trust that all will unfold just as it should. It’s quite a nice trust-feeling – a bit like being in a cloud (cloud cookoo land? hehe Or maybe cloud nine?) I do still get emails to the other address. They all feed through. I got yours and I PROMISE to reply … just need to complete a few images for Venus and the Sun God first! Haven’t seen Mum yet (am too scared of seeing 3200 photos from Moldova). Have you seen Nath? Can’t wait for your visual manifestation creations. Love love love to you! xxx

      • Trust is good! And with the additional help of my crosserd fingers it can’t go wrong! 😉
        Not sure your mum had enough time for that amount of pictures. And at least that photo session will start with a few nice Munich shots! So- only watch out for them so you can endure the rest…
        Did not want to hassle you (although a reply would be much appreciated), Venus has a higher priority today- I can see that and will get to work in a minute. Nath will come round in the late afternoon today so we can grab a drink after I closed the shop.
        Kisseeeees for you!

      • I will LOVE looking at the pictures of Munich. Do you promise that they will be at the beginning of the reel? I will answer your email tonight. Will you ask Nath to do himself a little Venus doodle? Then you can explain to him why YOU haven’t done one as well!! xxx

      • Well- just had to accept for the 2nd time in 2 days: I am rubbish at drawing! So I will just create very strong images in my head and hope Venus won’t mind…

      • No no no no no Janin. You have to draw them. Look at mine! They’re getting more and more scribblish with every one. Please. Third time lucky. 3 is a lucky number you know! xxx

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  3. Bethan!
    I am drenched in Naturally Sensational. What a treat. What’s in it?
    Infinite blessings,

    • Hi Kate, Glad you are liking the essence! The enxt one is for stress relief and inner peace so if Naturally Sensational sends you into a whirlwind, this one will bring you back to tranquility. Loads of love xxx

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