White Lies and Kernels of Truth

I owe you an apology. You see, earlier I told you a little white lie. Do you believe in white lies? I’m not sure that I do and the whole concept bothers me a bit. I think that if you say something that isn’t true, it’s NOT true. You can’t call it white then shrug it off as ok.

So, there.  I didn’t tell you a white lie.

I told you an out and out lie.

I said “hearing about other people’s readings is about as boring as looking at 2500 photographs that your mum wants to show you from her holiday in Peru”.

It’s not true. Hearing about people’s readings is interesting. Really interesting. And sometimes funny.

Like two years ago when my friend had a reading that said she’d meet a big man with peculiar hands and he would be her soul mate. Since then we judged every potential date on how peculiar his hands were.

Someone else had the spirit of their DOG come through to pass on a message from the spiritual realm. Well, actually it wasn’t their dog, but their dog’s first cousin once removed. His name was Jake. At least that was the only Jake that this person knew so they concluded it had to be the dog.


When my cousin was told by a psychic that he had to go to Australia, he didn’t rest for two years until he went. Then nothing really even happened there.

It would be very heartless to laugh about this one.

So don’t. No don’t!

Readings are funny. And off the wall. However, they are powerful in that they can trigger thoughts and sometimes plant a seed … a kernel of truth.

In my Inspiration reading yesterday, I asked about Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. I’ve been feeling a sort of blockage, unsure of where to turn DESPITE asking myself countless Questions of Gorgeousness.

Mr Appley put down his cards and instead delved into his little font of Appleyish Wisdom.  “Bethan. You have given life to this book. Now you have to let it go.”

“Let it go? What do you mean?”

“Our ideas and our creations are like children. Once we’ve breathed life into something, we can’t hold onto them. It would be wrong. They would rebel.”

I nodded, thinking of bird cages – a symbol that comes to me again and again and again. I then had this flickering memory of being two years old and running off – my mum chasing after me and threatening me with reigns. Red reigns. Erghh. I never used reigns with my kids just because that memory was so awful.

“Just like we must release our children into this world and let them BECOME whatever they are destined to BECOME,” continued Mr Appley Tower, “we have to let our ideas and creative projects go too.”

I looked at Mr Appley pathetically.  “But … that makes me feel really sad and griefy!”

He nodded and smiled sadly. “Yes.”

We both sat there for a long time. I fiddled with the edge of my picnic chair and he looked at me long and hard.


Now I nodded. “You are completely right. Last year my book launch didn’t happen because of one thing or another and well, I didn’t really send GYOG anywhere. In fact, due to everything that was going on there, I wrapped my arms around her and held her as close as I could to my heart. Now I just need to know when to let her go ….”

“Well,” said Mr Appley Tower. “Tomorrow happens to be a full moon and following that, it is the Venus Transit. If ever there was a perfect time, it’s tomorrow.”

And that’s what came out of my reading.


2 thoughts on “White Lies and Kernels of Truth

  1. hehe! Talking about letting go…said man with peculiar hands had driven me mad,bored, resentful and annoyed about his dream of getting a boat for months now, esp when we had, what I considered, more important boring things to spend money on…bills, food..and what my dream of a holiday!!..well this morning I decided to let go of all the negative feelings surrounding ‘boat boat boat’ and tell him that I would contribute towards one for his birthday (in oct!!). BUT before I could do this I felt inspired to look at boat for sale website he obsesses over…low and behold just that minute advertised was perfect boat at bargain price that I could afford..have just bought it and feel really happy!! letting go of fighting what you don’t want in your life and going with the flow, turning your doubts and negative thoughts about something into positive ones and miracles happen!!! Also read somewhere that to fastest way to achieve your dreams is to help others to acheive theirs…:)))

    • Wow!! That’s brilliant. Erm … but how are you going to keep his boat hidden until October? I’ve now spent an entire day letting go and releasing and I feel amazing. It is funny how we are all on the same track, doing similar releases and coming to the same conclusions in our own personal worlds. I love this. It feels like a juicy hellping on confirmation. Big love to you Peculiar Hands! hehe (Don’t you dare let him read this!!) xxx

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