6 Points of Inspiration

Two days ago I was standing in the shower panic-scrubbing when suddenly this idea hit me.

It was an amazing idea.

Suddenly, I was no longer in the shower. Instead I was looking down on this beautiful tent festooned in ochre, earth toned bunting. People were everywhere, milling in and out of the tent and inside was this … experience. That is the only way I can describe it … a Gorgeousness Experience.

People could walk into this place, experience the interior of the tent – and the interior of their own unique selves – then walk out mind-blown and vibrantly-reconnected with themselves.

Imagine that!

I was very busy imagining it.

“Where could I do this tent?” I asked myself.

Straight away the answer whizzed to me. The Bestival on the Isle of Wight! A Bestival Gorgeousness Experience tent.

Meanwhile Screechy Bethan was getting flustered.

“You have to be on the coastal road in less than five minutes!” she hissed at me. “Stop daydreamning. Wash hair. Here. Have a bottle of conditioner.”

Screechy B had a point. Was already v late. That evening at nine thirty, myself and a few of the little Gorgeousness Tribe were to launch beautiful paper lanterns inscribed with wishes and dreams into the sky as a finale to a programme that myself and my business partner, the Beautiful Jayney, had run.

The Beautiful Jayney and mwah

It was going to be lovely … but NOW I couldn’t get this flamboyant tent of Gorgeousness OUT OF MY HEAD.

Does that happen to you? You have an Inspiration and then suddenly, it’s like every cell in your body is lit up with wide-eyed possibility?

Powerful shiz. An worth remembering a few points when hit with it;

1. Inspiration Can make You Appear Irrational (even if you are aged 5 years old)

I once swiped a shoe-box from my brother’s room and I couldn’t stop myself. I’d been hit with the realisation that this shoe box wasn’t ACTUALLY a shoe box at all. It was gnome-cave waiting to be born. The moment I knew this I was bursting with shimmering light filled “WOW-ness” and nothing could stop me until I’d operated on that box with selotape and scissors. Whilst breathlessly helping this Clarks box become what it was born to be, I was then hit with Inspiration AGAIN. This time it was about my future.

When I grew up I knew what I was going to do.

Oh my.

Laying back on the floor, I almost cried.


I would LIVE in a bolser wood gypsy caravan.

That I’d made myself.

2. Inspiration Doesn’t Care Where You Are When It Comes

Inspiration can arrive unannounced. When I was 12 I played the soprano saxophone. One day I was in the middle of orchestra practise and  we’d been playing this piece from Black Beauty when suddenly it was my sax solo. The teacher – a passionate, violent blooded, watery-blue eyed incarnation of Hitler and Beethoven’s hybrid child (it was a toss up between Amanda Holden and Medusa as surrogate mother) – looked like he was going to explode with spittle and rage right before me.

But what could I do?

Inspiration had arrived.

I was rendered helpless, watching an epic screenplay that was fluttering its eyelashes at me, appealing to be born. The solo wasn’t happening and as a result Hitler/Beethoven screamed at me so loudly that I nearly wet my pants.

Like I said. Inspiration doesn’t care when it arrives.

3. Inspiration Feels How A Starburst Juicster Tastes

This is true. I know this for fact.

When I was kid in the 80’s I was kneeling on my bedroom floor, leaning against the bed thinking about how I could save enough money to buy a rainforest, when suddenly this slice of delicious, glittering fairy dust poured into me. That’s the only way I could describe it.

It was the lushest, juiciest, rushiest feeling.

Like a Starburst Juicster … or, as it was known then, an Opal Fruit.

My creativity was WATERING.

Racing on this starburst juicster fairy dust, I suddenly saw this whole story I could write about the Ecuadorian rainforest and a girl called Betumi! On publication I’d use all the spondoolies to buy acres of rainforest. I immediately got to work and wrote the whole thing.

4. Inspiration Can Devastate Your Parents 

Over and over again, inspiration tumbled in. The more I entertained it and channeled it through my felt tip pens and Pritstick, the more it seemed to grow. It became something that I let guide my actions, leading the way into ideas, adventures, creativity. I couldn’t help it.

The current was/is so much stronger than all of the “should do’s”, “must do’s”, “have to’s”. This has upset the people around me at times. My parents for one. Instead of following the conventional bread crumb trail into further education and comfortable living, I was compelled to follow a moon beam pathway towards my dream of being a writer, artful creativity and living a life of self-determined Gorgeousness.

5. Inspiration doesn’t abide by rules.

Or laws.

Or other’s expectations.

It’s like an invisible, starlit thermal that whirls around the world, taking people and ball gowns and passports and gramophones with it. It picks up those that say “yes” like sparkling fish, then whooshes them off to all sorts of wild and wonderful places.

Saying yes to the Inspiration means risking becoming who you were born to be.

It means surrendering comfortable safety for raw, tangy living.

No one said being Inspiration-led is safe. NO way. But you know in your bones and dust-self that it is the ONLY way. Really. Have you ever thought that?

Inspiration teaches you to fly. It teaches you to capture your dreams in butterfly nets. It teaches you to develop transformation strategies and wing strength. It teaches you to glitter and surrender like a starfish in a constellation waterfall. And how GOOD DOES THAT FEEL?

                                 6. You’ve Got To Love Inspiration.


Oh! I did get to the car park in time. The lanterns were beautiful. We whooshed them around to inflate them and they swelled like giant moon jellyfish in the night. We set fire to the little square bit and sent them off to the Universe filled with wishes, dreams and intentions. It has been said – by a nameless one in the know – that this car park has been used for rather debauch activities of the car-rocking variety and so, unsurprisingly, a police van did come and pay us a little visit. However, a pack of eclectic laughing people setting fire to metre high lanterns didn’t cause them any worry, so they left us to it. Thank you rozzers. Nice one.

PPS. The Bestival Gorgeousness Experience. Yes. Well, I have written the relevent lady an email and I’m quite convinced she’d say yes, however I’m holding back on sending it though. Need to think rationally about the time, energy etc that would go into such an overwhelmingly radical project. (That’s the other thing with Inspiration … sometimes you act before rational thought returns. And then you can potentially have a nervous breakdown over what you have just committed to doing).

What do you think about it (“it” being the tent)? And what could go in it? I have a few ideas, but am still waiting for the big bolt of Star Burst Juicster Fairy Dust One. Hmm. Bye!


2 thoughts on “6 Points of Inspiration

  1. Sweetheart! I LOVE the Gorgeousness Tent. Let it happen, it will be great! And I’d love to be part of it! Will have a think as for some ideas but I can almost smell some sweet chai already… xxx

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