The Art of Creative Thought Travel

Have you noticed what happens if you break down the word “question” into two parts?


Quest Ion

 A quest = a call to adventure or a journey.

Ion = a charged atom or molecule – the magical building blocks of everything.

Put them together and we have a Question… an adventure of thought into the magic of life.

For many years I failed to realise how powerful questions can be – especially the ones that we ask ourselves. Take for example the question, “why does this always happen to me?” The moment we ask this, our thoughts then zoom off in an epic journey to find the answers. This Quest will take us to gloomy, Victimish places. It will unearth answers like, “because you’re a div”, or “because your parents messed you up when you were a kid”, “because of him and her” or “because you live in the wrong location/era/Universe”.

Try asking a different question, such as,”how can I begin making more progress in my life?”

And wah-lah! The thought zooms off to look for some very different answers.

It hurtles out of the tunnel and into a light place …

It peeps over fence-thinking in search of your answers.

 Spinning around corners like a fire ball into all sorts of unexpected places.

 Ask the right questions and your thoughts will journey from Literal to Lateral, upturning previously fixed ideas and looking from all sorts of new angles.

You’ll thrash through ideas that you never dreamed possible.

And what beautiful, idyllic, inviting ideas you’ll find along the way.


And if some answers come back a little – well – flaky, then simply charge up your thoughts by asking the most super powered question of all, “How can I make this happen?”

Questions are like fishing nets. What answers do your really want to catch? Which questions will make the world your oyster?

Ask yourself this and …

Off you’ll fly again, as if riding on a sunbeam that bounces from the waves in the sea.

Finding more gorgeous things along the way …

Past piles of charged up Inner Ions, just waiting for their chance to build new realities in your magical outer life.

Through gateways in imagination. Up stairs of thought, until finally …

… around the last corner.

There you find it.

 The Answer. The Idea.  And LOOK … there’s not ONE but TWO.

“THIS is how I will make it happen!”

“THIS is how I’ll do it.”

 The quality of the questions that you ask yourself determine the quality of your life.

Stop sending your thoughts on wild quests that will bring fruitless answers (why can’t I? why won’t I? why am I so ….?).

Begin asking yourself Questions of Gorgeousness (how can I make this happen? how can I turn this situation around? how can I make this possible?) and let the vibrant, genius, creative mind that you were born with will zoom off on its mission to bring you the idea, thought or understanding you will need.

That’s how to make your dreams come true.

 Wishing you a sublimely gorgeous day. xxx


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