Local Weed

Eating locally sourced weed really appeals to me.

Last Sunday the Boy went out in his boat (I was Walking the Wight). He caught shimmery sun-glittered mackerel (I was stomping up hills suffering with “sausage fingers” – only hardened Walk The Wighters will know of this plight). And the next day whilst I was still sunburnt and staggering, we ate a beautiful meal of fresh fish, crushed new potatoes with horse radish and wild garlic.

It was The Best Feeling.

You’d think after a 26 mile stomp the previous day I’d be ravenous and carb- frenzied, but actually it was the wild garlic that did it for me.

Each mouthful was like entering Oz or Avalon. It wasn’t the flavour, so much as the soul nourishment of knowing that this wild plant had been picked from a woodland nearby and now I was eating it. The stems and white flowers had grown up with May bluebells and this was nourishment of the most gorgeous kind.

A week previous we’d taken a stomp downs.

“Did you know that gorse flowers are edible?” Ads asked me.

No I didn’t, but minutes later we were gingerly plucking the shell shape yellow flowers and trying a little nibble. The flavour was sweet like coconut but pea fresh – not what you expect from the ruddy, forboding spikes of a gorse bush.

Tasting gorse gave me a massive Gorgeousness Rush too.

And now I want to know, what IS this feeling?

It’s the feeling you get when you make camp and brew a cup of tea over a camp fire. Even if you’re using powdered milk and the water scolds your lips, when you taste it, you savour it. You feel the heat and relish the touch of enamel on your lips.

NOT what you feel when drinking a cup of tea EVEN IF it is in a gorgeous vintage tea cup. It’s just not the same relishment.

It’s the feeling you get when your mum comes home from Peru and gifts you a doll made from sack cloth and hessian. Her hair is crimson and caramel wool. Brush your thumb over her cheeks and you can hear the sound of autumn leaves rustling. Her arms and legs are stick wrapped in course wool.

NOT the same feeling as receiving a Barbie.

I think there is something so beautifully REAL about drinking tea that you’ve created over fire and wood rather than one of twenty you’ve boiled in a plastic kettle that morning. There’s something ESSENTIAL about eating wild garlic that has grown in a bluebell wood rather than a crop of greens that are then packaged in cellophane and flown in from Cypress. There is something TANGIABLE and RAW and TRUE about a toy that hasn’t been mass produced in a factory by machines then marketed out to the masses by more machines.

All these things have got heart. They’ve got soul. And by using, eating, drinking them, we take in their soul and their heart and in turn we feed something in us that the synthetic world cannot touch, let alone nourish.

I would really like to start Living Raw.

Last year I did my raw food cleanse for six weeks and that taught me so much about the effect our food has on our feelings of Gorgeousness – mind, body and soul. But now, when I say Living Raw, I mean that I would like to begin nourishing myself with things which haven’t been processed or prodded or synthetic-sized (wordage?). Things which are as they are. No tampering. I would like to see what happens.

 I wonder whether our way of thinking, feeling, interacting or creating  would alter if we stopped feeding our body with the synthetic and instead focused on local, fresh, living, unprocessed fish, meat and plants? I wonder if, by going back to the heart – to the source of Everything – our lives would become richer, heartier, more flavoursome … like a bowl of steaming peasent stew.

What do you think?

Would you be prepared to try?

I wonder …


6 thoughts on “Local Weed

  1. Wild garlic- hmmmm! Where I walk Pepper there’s loads of wild garlic growing. Unfortunately I am not the only one walking my dog there so the thought of actually eating THAT is not very alluring… Living raw. I love the idea but as I am living in a big city it would be a very difficult approach indeed. Well – another reason to leave the madness, we all are so accustomed to, behind and move to my little dream island! One day…

    • Hello lovely. No. That wild garlic could be a bit dodge. My feeling is that the Living Raw thing could still be possible in the city. It’s about digging down to the heart of where you are and utilising that beauty. For example, I was talking to one of the local fishermen here. He was saying that his busiest time was holidays and bank holidays when city people came down to stay in their second homes. They buy the local fish, fillets and cook it because they want to “experience the seaside life”. Meanwhile the majority of people who live here – I’m not saying everyone, but the majority – buy fish in a packet from the supermarket rather than delving into what they have on their doorstep. We have fish. You have sausages!!! x

      • Yeah- you’re right. It is not so much a matter of where you live but of the general laziness of people. It is all so very convenient and as our lifes are oh so full already it is easier to fall back on the ready-made-stuff on offer. What you are talking about is a different awareness towards life – and food – altogether. It is about a life, filled with different things. Things with value. I know all that – but still, I really don’t think I’d like to make my own sausages!!!

      • Haha, I am just picturing you and Pepper making sausages! I think in your case you are in the city, so you can’t go forgaing for wild garlic, but you can STILL forage for the Gorgeousness. Take for example your shop. There is art and products that people could go and buy from the Munich version of B&Q (mass produced all over Germany). Or there is the sort of art that can be found in Fingerprints Kreativ … juicy, original creations that most people woudn’t dream of finding anywhere else.
        In the same way, you could go on an adventure to local butchers or market. He’d probably tell you all about the meat, look after you and suggest ways you could prepare them. I bet you’d make a lovely new friendship, enrich the local community and your I swear your sausage will taste better than one from the Munich Tesco!! No? Yes? No? Yes? xxx

  2. Mushrooms… if someone could teach me to harvest wild mushrooms without killing someone, I would just adore it, same way you feel about the wild garlic thing. The idea of rooting for little treasures that no one knows are there, just waiting to be picked by me and fried in butter and nothing else… yum! But also how special!

    As for the feeling of an everyday thing having a special meaning, I turn my alarm clock on on a weekend, purely so I can have the joy of switching it off with the smugness of knowing I have a lie in! Also hot baths are generally good, but try walking out doors on a freezing day, then coming home and jumping in a hot bath…. sheer heaven!!

    Loving my Gorgeousness, and enjoying yours!

    • That alarm feeling is so good isn’t it? As nice as waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the rain thrashing down but all cosy and safe in the knowledge that you are IN BED. Hot baths … yes, defo them. Especially with some gorgeous oils that have mysterious names and you bought from a little boutique from the arty side of town.
      Mushrooms. I have always been a bit careful of them. There was a bit of a tragic incident that happened where I live where two unfortunate mushroom pickers cooked up the wrong ones and that was that. Admittedly, I did feel slightly anxious when trying the raw gorse petals in case they weren’t actually edible. You have to be careful with this Gorgeousness lark, but only when foraging.x

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