Hey you! Gorgeousify Your Attitude

Yesterday something quite funny happened to Ads.

You might have to have been there to appreciate it, but I will tell you anyway. I was standing outside the Deli giving someone a belated birthday present (it was a book wrapped in the most sumptuous paper – A World Map – and so thick that the selotape wouldn’t even stick it down so it had to be wrapped in ribbon as well).

Ads had pulled up on the other side of the road and as he climbed out of his car, shouted across, “Babe, where did you park YOUR car?”

At that exact moment a large, burley man with angry, squintish eyes and squares chops happened to be sloping by.

“Whassat?” grunted the man.

Ads’ eyebrows jumped up, all baffled and and confused. “Sorry?” he said.

“You said summink.”

“Er … no …”

“Yeah you did. You was talking to me.”

Poor Ads was looking completely perplexed by now. He was lost for words. Meanwhile, I couldn’t stop laughing. Catching myself, I thought I ought to intervene, so called soothingly to Sqaure Chop Man, “It’s okay. I’m babe. He was talking to me.”

For a moment I thought that Square Chop might argue in a kind of “no, I’m Sparticus!” sort of way, but instead he gave me a meeeeean look, swivelled around and loped on. Each footstep he took was angry, like his feet were cigerettes he was trying to grind out on the pavement.

Ads came over, shaking his head and said, “He had a right attitude.”


Yes … attitute! Here it was again. The theme of the weekie.

And that one line got me thinking about why “attitude” is automatically seen as a negative. I mean, if someone said to me, “What gives you an attitude?” I’d say …

* being told what to do

* feeling misjudged

* people driving at mental speeds around blind bends in the country

* Amanda Holden

I wouldn’t say …

* beautiful weather

* generosity

* street art

* random acts of kindness

* Naughty N and me having fun

Poor old Attitude. It’s like we’ve all got a real bad attitude towards it, which is a shame, because  whether positive or negative or in the middle somewhere, we can’t escape our attitudes. We wake up with an attitude to the day (often determined by the weather, what we’ve got arranged to do, how well we slept etc).

We walk out onto the street with an attitude (normally determined by what has happened before pushing open the front door). We walk around, talk to people, interpret (and misinterpret) things all because of our attitude. Attitude is like a thin layer of textured  mist that sits inbetween what happens (the facts) and us (the gorgeous one) and then determines all of our reactions (good and bad).

Attitude is a powerful dude yet most of the time we are completely OBLIVIOUS to it.

When Olympic champion swimmer Micheal Phelps met his coach (at just 8 years old) he was asked, “Are you going to wait until after you win your first gold medal to have a good attitude? No, you are going to do it beforehand. You have to have the right mental attitude and go from there. You have to be an Olympic champion in attitude long before there’s a gold medal around your neck.”

Now I’m going to ask you – yes, YOU – the same question …

“Are you going to wait until after you have achieved your dreams before you display an attitude of Gorgeousness?  No, you are going to do it beforehand. You have to have the right mental attitude and go from there. You have to be awesome in attitude long before your legend is unleashed into the world.”

OK, so actually that was more like an ORDER than a question. It sounded like someone being told what to do (which would get my back up and give me a BAD ATT.) so I’m going to finish by asking something different.

If you could choose an attitude to have towards yourself – just for today – how loving and beautiful could it be?


3 thoughts on “Hey you! Gorgeousify Your Attitude

  1. Hey Beth, I know this is particular blog is about choosing a positive mental ‘tude, and I try, truly I do, but you mentioned Amanda Holden…. She sets my teeth on edge, I shall try the breathing exercise and crossing my legs into my armpits muttering om… bliss, I shall achieve!

    • Mmm. Amanda Holden. She’d never really been on my radar until she fell pregnant and I read an interview with her. Her birth plan ambition was to give birth in a pair of six inch stilettos “like Victoria Beckham did”. Her aspiration made me almost fall off my chair and choke. Since reading that, each time I hear her name, I get a bit grated to say the least. Lets not talk about her ever again.

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