Will You Be My Guinea Pig?

Thursday last week I am sitting in the deli with a froth-laden cappuccino, gazing at my HTC tablet, chewing my thumb nail (bad habit) and wondering about ebooks and GYOG.


Everyone goes on about the end of the world in 2012, oil resources drying up etc, but what about the end of paper? Is this it? Are books dead?

If they are then I’m sure the trees will be happy.

Which is a good thing.

Gotta’ love and protect the trees.

Oh hello Bethan. Is that you?”

And so, while the trees rest easy(er) the world of written communication has gone all cyberish.


Suddenly the length of a book doesn’t matter (those that are slim yet worthy are as valuable as those that are heavy, stuffed full of info, yet not exactly what you’d want to carry in your handbag).

The Gatekeepers of the publishing world are lying flat on their backs, dazed and baffled by the stampede of independent writers that have just taken siege of the creative empire.

And suddenly there is writer to reader revolution going on. It’s a creator-observer party/rave/festival of blogs, ebooks, downloads and social networking sites where everyone is dancing together and there’s no one to turn down the music.

And frankly, this is all old news.

“Er, Bethan?”

Still, it reminds me of telepathy manifested in the technological …


… the mass subconscious splurging out it’s innards to the global consciousness through a mind-boggling myriad of motorways, pathways, staircases, tangled tracks and well beaten cyber streets.

“Earth to Bethan? Can you hear me?”


Scottish voice.


Look up to see Elisabeth, a local lady who knows me/doesn’t know me/knows I write. She smiles, thrusts a copy of the Independent into my hand and says, “Thought you might like to look at this.”

It’s like she is psychic. The article is about the new era of publishing; the Age of Ebookquarius.

It features five or so writers, some British, some from the States, who have made an epic little fortune from publishing their works online. One man, John Locke, has sold one million ebooks in five months. He has now written a book – “How I sold 1 million ebooks in five months” – which has just become My First Ever Purchased Ebook. (Thought I might just help John along with his next million).

Since last Thursday I have been reading John’s book and the thing that really captures me is the importance of defining your niche … who’s going to read and like your work.

This is very important for Gorgeousness, because some people love it and some people want to burn it at the stake.

Pure marmite of the soul, GYOG is not for everyone.

It isn’t even for most.

The 3-4 year journey of turning this work from a concept into a handmade book, into a published book has NOT been undertaken for the general public. It’s been made for a small minority of people who want to be more than mediocre, who feel they have a calling, a purpose and a legend to unfurl into the world.

It’s for unconventional people who can’t help but question authority, won’t limit their learning to mainstream tabloids, have travelled both in the outer and inner worlds, are prepared to take risks and – most importantly – are passionately prepared to be the most Gorgeous they can be; mind, body and soul.

(If you aren’t that sort of person, please don’t worry. The majority of people in the world are just like you and you will always fit in brilliantly. Having said that, because I don’t want to be talking to the wrong sort of people on this blog, if you aren’t someone who isn’t interested in Gorgeousness, it would be best for you to unsubscribe from here and remove yourself from the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Facebook page. Thanks loads for taking the time to read this though! I hope you have a lovely day.)


It’s quiet.

Are you still here?

You are?


The fact you are hopefully shows that YOU ARE one of remarkable minority who are being called to unleash their Gorgeousness onto the world. Which brings me to my question on the title of this post … Will You Be My Guinea Pig?

Over the next six months – between now and June – I will be developing a range of Gorgeousness Products, Programmes and Lush Things. During this period I need a group of 33 women who would be prepared to receive these products (free) and give me feedback.

You will be a tester … a sort of Toe-Dipper in the Great Gorgeous Lagoon of Delicious, Adventurous New Things.

If you would like to dip your toe in (it will be nice!) please contact me here. Thank you so much, lovely ones. See you v soon xxx

You can get your own stash of tree/paper GROW YOUR OWN GORGEOUSNESS copies right HERE


19 thoughts on “Will You Be My Guinea Pig?

  1. Hi Bethan, I have been away, so it was nice to turn on my computer and read so many blogs. You didn’t like the Ballet then, I wonder what the message was about. you know, you had the thought about Russia and then the phone call giving you tickets. There must be something there. Maybe just that you don’t like Ballet.
    Well if ebooks will get your amazing message out, then i say ebooks rock and roll!
    Clearly i am not a woman! well at least i hope that is clear!! but i do have a wonderful friend (that is female) and if you are short of people I’m sure she would be one of your Guinea pigs. Plus you would really like her. Loving all the blogs.
    Hopefully speak soon.

    • Hey you! Welcome back … hope you had a good time away. Yeah – the ballet. Mmm. I’m not sure there was much of a lesson in it, but what is interesting is that it wasn’t the ballet that switched me on but the Siberian Orchestra. When I heard those two words it triggered something in my imagination and Siberia is suddenly calling me. I think it might have to go on the 100 Things To Do Before You Are Thirty Five list (any older than that and I don’t think I’ll hack the cold) and go and fine my tin shack with the bony ballerina.
      Thanks for the ebook thumbs up. Am defo coming to like the idea now. Why don’t you get your friend to check out the blog and if she wants to be a Gorgeousness Tester she can get in touch.
      Thanks Ivan. See you soon x

  2. Hi Bethan
    Not sure what you’re looking for in your guinea pigs: good colouration, loud squeal, long teeth, docile nature??!
    I’m always happy to try new things and give my opinion.
    If you need me, give me a shout
    Sandy x

  3. Hello Bethan –
    I volunteer if you’re looking for guinea pigs. Just let me know what you want me to do,
    love and blessings

  4. Hi Bethan
    I’m intrigued by the Gorgeousness testing, I am in need of gorgeousness as i am in the process of recovering from a long illness, bring on the gorgeousness! L&L Gilli xxx

    • Hi Gilli,
      Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I think a good dose of Gorgeousness could be just the tonic you need. As soon as I’ve pulled togther the Power 33 I’ll send you out some more info about what you can expect from being a Gorgeousness Tester. In the meantime, lots of love and healing thoughts. x

  5. I would love to be a part of your gorgeousness testing….xx I certainly could do with some right now as been unwell for 3 weeks and now feeling a tad drab….So bring it on miss loveliness and show us what we need to do…Sending you much love and hugs..xxxx

  6. Hey ho Bethan – do i have to eat carrot tops and grunt and snuffle around wearing a fur coat (fake) to be a guinea pig for you! sounds fun…. love soni x

    • Course you can Corina … although I have been so majorly busy at the mo that my Gorgeousness Testers have probably wondered what’s happened to me! Shall add your name to the list. x

  7. hi! you’ve been busy, blogs aplenty, and all so much fun!! Will help you test your amazing book etc anytime……xx

    • Hello darling! Yep, it’s been busy alright … So busy that my poor little Guinea Pigs have been rather neglected (if any of them read this please know that I haven’t forgotten you … I’ve just been trying to surf a rah wave!) Also, if anyone reading this lives on the Isle of Wight or is planning on visiting, check out this link to Liz’s gorgeous IOW accomodation … a perfect place to retreat when you need some time to reflect or energise your beautiful Self. http://www.nettlecombefarm.co.uk/barn-stables.php

  8. I am more than happy to be a Guinea Pig, my Gorgeousness is somewhat neglected and could do with a kick up the derrière, so if there is space for a little oddity, count me in … please.

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