Resistance is Futile

Last week my lovely publisher dared broach the subject of ebooks.

“The fact is that Amazon are selling millions of ebooks,” he explained. “And over a million more people will be buying them over the next few years. If your goal is to get Gorgeousness into mainstream consciousness, you have to look at converting GYOG into an ebook.”

For a long while I was quiet. Then in a stiff, embarrassed sort of voice, said, “You know how I feel about ebooks.”

So the oh so patient, oh so nice publisher replied softly, “I know. I know how you feel. Many others feel the same. But you need to look at all ways in which to deliver your work to the world. And that means converting the text into an ebook.”

Which reminds me.

For many years my dentist has been telling me that I should have my wisdom teeth out. He explains all the reasons why it is a good idea to remove them while they are healthy and blingish. He says things like, prevention is better than cure. And each time he gets the same response …. I lie there, listen patiently, nod, then explain that I don’t want them taken out but I will do my very best to nurture and brush them and put extra love and effort into maintaining their pearly shine. The fact is, I like my wisdom teeth. They are natural. They are wild. They are primitive and they make me feel like I’m connected to my true DNA. I don’t want them to go.

This may sound stupid.

But I am stupid sometimes.


And the way I see it, books are like wisdom teeth.

They are lodged in.



Also, I’m quite attached to them.

AND Grow Your Own Gorgeousness isn’t any old book. It is more natural than most books you will ever come across. It started off handmade. It’s not even typed but hand written for goodness sake. How much more primitive can you get?

 Anyway, for the last twenty odd calls Publisher has tried to persuade me to ebook up GYOG.

He has faced the same frustration my dentist faces every six months.

However, last week, something changed. I realised that there is a fundamental difference between how I feel towards my publisher and how I feel towards my dentist.


Have slight niggling doubt that everything he says to me is a lie. It’s all just a wormy ploy to get me back in that chair so that unnecessary dental work can be undertaken and I can line his pockets with gold. Strangely, have same feelings about hygienist. Not saying I am right. Could be wrong. Will have to wait and find out.


 I have complete trust that Chris has my best interests at heart. He is lovely. And he knows what he is talking about. (Have resentfully done my ebook homework and the reality is that double the amount of ebooks were sold on Amazon than real books last year.) Like my teeth, Chris (the publisher) has wisdom. He says something along the lines of “it is the words that count, not the format they come in” and deep down – in my root canals – I know he is right.

So. The decision was made.

Funny thing is that NOW I am very, very excited. It means I’ll get to sprout a whole garden full of new illustrations to imbed within the (typed) text. Also, because the interactive parts of the book will need to be downloadable, a whole new section of the website will be developed.

I suddenly feel a little like I am living in an Amazonian Shabono (settlement) and the chief/ess has just granted me permission to expand the whole vegetable garden and even build a spa hut for the lady tribe members …. with hammocks, a hot pool and tale telling/gossip area all included.

More ideas for development are abundant and flowing in from all angles.

Since then I can’t help wondering that perhaps all we need sometimes is to give ourselves permission to grow out of our comfort zones. And when we say, “ok” a whole world of EXPANSION and ADVENTURE suddenly opens up. You know? A very exciting thought all round.

Right, I’m off, but before I go, you’ve got to hear this funny coincidence that happened.

I’ve been so electrocuted with new ideas for Gorgeousness, I have found it quite hard to Relax and Be Still. Two evenings ago I was lying/twitching on the sofa and suddenly the world felt so open that absolutely anything in the Universe was possible.

“I think we should emigrate to Russia!” I declared out aloud before I knew what was happening.

Ads gave me a surprised look. “Really? You’d like to emigrate to Russia?”

I thought about it for a moment. “No. Not at all. But for a moment there I did!”

Then – and this is the strange bit – the phone rang. It was a call from a loved one say that they had booked tickets to see the Russian State Ballet and Siberian Orchestra performing in Southampton on Saturday. They couldn’t go … so did I want two tickets instead? So, now instead of going to Russia, Russia has travelled here!

Turns out that when you say “yes, I am open” to the world, the world grins and says, “okay, you’d better come on in then!”

Love it.

Love you.

Have a great day. xxx


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