Trackies n Wellies

Imagine being able to bottle the Friday Feeling. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You could keep it in your bathroom cupboard and give yourself a spray every time you wanted a bit of ….”aaaand relaaaax” well being.

OR-OR-OR, you know that euphoric moment when you bend back the cover of a brand new journal or sketch pad? Imagine being able to capture the essence of that gleaming, fresh paged potential and then give yourself a dab or two as you brush your teeth and start a new day.

And, OK … wait a moment. What about this?

Imagine going out to a party wearing the glammest of glam outfits and feeling a million dollars … then bottling that feeling up in the same way that the BFG bottles dreams.

Imagine knowing that in your knicker drawer is a little container of gorgeousness and you can dowse yourself with it whenever you like. It wouldn’t even matter if you were in trackie bottoms and wellies, cleaning up dog poo or chasing a feral turkey around your garden. All you’d have to do is uncap that bottle, spray and whooosh! You feel utterly, ultimately, bendy-wendingly gorgeous all over again!

Incidentally, do you remember the other day when I was making the Italian sausage thing and expecting my friend around? Well, she got lost. I was in my house trousers, which are actually men’s PJ’s and are far too long for my legs. Also, despite having the waistband pulled right in, these house trousers often slink down past my hips which makes them very impractical especially when walking up stairs or running. Because I got a frantic call from the lost friend and forgetting I was wearing the PJs,  I slipped on my trainers as if they were ballet pumps and staggered out across the gravel to wave her down. Two cars drove past, (both whom I thought were her). I leapt out and waved frantically and discovered they were not her, which meant I then had to skulk back into the shadows and keep waving in a casual-AND? sort of way. Eventually when the lost friend did pull up I had to direct her to the Christian Retreat Centre car park (v. welcoming, friendly place to park) but she was baffled, which meant I had to run down the road behind her car in the too long/impractically waisted PJs and not-very-well-slipped-on trainers in a way that could only have resembled a Pinocchio and Worzel Gummage love child. But it was ok. Because I had the gorgeousness …

Oh. My.

Am quite embarrassed now.

Talk about massive off-tangent veering. I just suddenly remembered all of that when I mentioned the trackie bottoms and wellie thing. But hang on … miraculously my veering on this occasion is actually relevant. See, the friend in the car was coming around to begin the design sessions for my range of Gorgeousness Essences. This range of essences will be created to allow the user to realign with her unique beauty, confidence, authenticity, self expression and powerful body presence EVEN WHEN

* wearing trackies and wellies

* having a bad hair day

* being systematically humiliated, then sacked by satanic boss.

It will be like a range of Gorgeousness Rescue Remedies. Have you heard of the Rescue Remedy? It is a Bach Flower Essence. The Gorgeousness Essences will be based on the same principle as the Bach Flower Essences, but the difference will be that mine are  taken from trees and now flowers. And they’ll be sprays not pipettes.

I am thinking that the Gorgeousness Essences will come in sets of three or ten and in my imagination they are packaged in lovely brown boxes a bit like those Graze boxes. I love Graze, don’t you? (Whenever I go to see Me-Acre there is always a Graze box sitting on the side and I have to eat at least one thing from each compartment. Sometimes EVERYTHING from one compartment gets over-nibbled, but we don’t mention that. We just close the lid and hum a tune while wandering away innocently).

Anyway, what I love most of all about the idea of creating this range is that they are Gorgeousness essences. Because, if you think about it, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness is all about the reader getting in touch with her own, unique, beautiful essence and then expressing that beauty in the world. When we feel 100% wonderful about who we are, we are thinking massively positively about ourselves. We then act, stand, speak and love others in a way that reflects our own inner oasis of well being and it all becomes a happy, luscious loop. The Gorgeousness Essences and the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness book are both tools to access and unleash YOUR true essence.

Right, I’d better be on my way. This is another guerilla post piggy backing on stolen time. I am in a  canteen that is positively rumbling with pensioners. Have you ever been in a canteen that rumbles and vibrates with the sound of pensioners? Well, I have*. I am here. Now. And it’s time I left. Before I go though, I just wanted to share with you one more thing. This;

I have seen this poster THREE times today in completely unrelated places. The first time I thought nothing of it. The second time I thought, “ooh, fluky. I’m sure I saw that earlier.” The third time I thought, “OK Universe, message received.” Truth is, I haven’t been very calm lately. Everything seems to have hit a bit of a Rahh Wave, not just in my life but in many lives I am observing. So, I just thought I’d pop the poster on here. That way, if you’ve got a Rahh Wave going, you can take a deep breath and think “yes. Keep Calm and Carry On” too. I think that’s all …. except, I hope you have yourself a relaaaaaaaxing day.

*To experience a canteen that rumbles with pensioners, visit The Old Smithy at Godshill, IOW. Alternatively try your nearest garden centre.


One thought on “Trackies n Wellies

  1. I love your Gorgeous Essences idea, though I might need something a little more manly sounding to justify the purchase for myself. Spray on some Gorgeous and drink some liquid confidence then strut your stuff feeling like a champ regardless of outward appearance lol 🙂

    Then there’s Apathy Musk, I must produce that stuff because I’ve made an art-form out of not caring what others think of me haha, feels good 🙂

    Great post, thanks for sharing Bethan!


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