Supremely Indifferent

Can officially confirm that the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Apple and Bookshelf picture DID NOT make it onto the Weekender. Am not mortally wounded by this occurrence. Am not even slightly miffed at losing out to a small, panting, religious canine. Nope. Tis a matter of supreme indifference to me.

More important than any of that was my Exceptional, Handcrafted by Many Talented Folk photograph. I thought it looked fabulous. Loved it v. much. Didn’t appear to be squinting at the sun. Also didn’t resemble a body guard about the take out the camera man like I did in last County Press photo. A refreshing change all round.

And then, as I was leaving newsagents feeling joyous, I noticed something.

T’was proof.

Proof that my Jedi powers hadn’t completely failed me.

Stuck on the wall was the poster that the County Press provides the news agents with and on it was a headline. Look.

A truly historic moment to say the least.