Paper Dolls and Potato Prints

For some time I have been feeling print love.

It started when I found William Morris and learned how he created his fabric prints. This led on to me scouring French antique markets and being epically ripped off on old printing blocks. I didn’t ever use my printing blocks, but I loved them none-the-less and wrapped them up in bits of old cloth then stored them like precious antiquities.

The natural evolution of this was the hop-skippity-jump idea that printing blocks can be made from lino.

(I’m sure they did make us do it at school, but sadly I missed it. I think the last real printing I did was probably in reception class and involved poster paint and a potato. But how amazing that a potato print can grow up into something as beautiful as wood block, lino or screen printing!)

So the lino prints kept on calling me. Oh yes they did.
They captured my little eye all the time.
Wherever I went they swooned me.

There is another shop in Greenwich that is just down the road from that Paul Rhodes bakery that I was telling you about in Relax! It’s Only Queue Hate. This shop is called Lush Designs and it is filled with designs of the most gorgeous printed nature. You can go and have little looky here.  I have deliberately linked you to the greetings cards bit and not the home page, because I just want you to see some of the designs that forced me to part with many pennies.

I was thinking that it would be really nice to create a lino print design for the Gorgeousness Launch Party invites. So the other day I sat down to – dumby-dumby-dum – doodle out some nice little lino print designs, when BAM! I was suddenly hit with an Inspirational Sandwich.

It literally came flying through the air like a boomarang and hit me with the words, Rob Ryan.
Rob Ryan.
Have you HEARD of Rob Ryan?
Oh my.
You have to take a look at Rob Ryan. Let me unleash a bit of Rob Ryan on you. Ready?

He does loads of screen printing but is also very well known for paper cutting. Just look at the gorgeousness of this piece above. Look look look!

When I first stumbled upon his work I was in awe. I mean here we have the idea of cutting out paper dolls taken onto a level of pure creative gorgeousness. And I sat there wondering … hmm, maybe I could create the tickets for the Gorgeousness Party, not in lino prints, but with paper cutting.

So, I gave it a little go and these are what emerged. What do you think?