The Launchington

It may surprise you to know that the Naughty N and the Goddess Fosbury have never met each other. It surprises me. Two people of such epic gorgeousness surely should have met a long time ago.

I wonder what will happen when they do meet?

Will there be an asteroid storm?

Or maybe a strange fusion of double energy so massive that you would see it out in space?

The Goddess Fosbury is pure, raw female power and where the Naughty N goes, the comedy must follow, so perhaps it will be a moment of earthy wildness that will erupt into hilarious comedy?

Who knows? Who knows?

I wonder where they might meet.

Sipping vintage tea and nibbling cucumber sandwiches whilst perched daintily on thigh scratching hay bales? Listening to some beautiful lyrics as they drift past on the late summer breeze? Maybe they will bump into each other outside a tea leaf reader’s willow tent? Or maybe … maybe … they will start to chat in a large marquee full of gorgeousness books and a feast of carroty delicacies.

Who knows? Who knows?

We will.
Sooner than soon.
I will tell you.

For the last few weeks I have been secretly squirreling away, busy planning and organising the pre-publication launch for the brand new paperback version of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. At first I was planning on having the party at the end of August but time this summer seems to be dashing past with more madness than the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I am not in a dashy sort of mood, so I’ve poodled the date into September.

(Don’t you think that September feels like more of a relaxed month somehow? It’s sort of golden and slower, like an old creaky combine harvester. Nice. Liking that vibe.)

Also, I kind of want extra time to pull everything together really, well, really … gorgeously. I want the launch to be an expression of all things delightful; quirky, delicious, vintage, artsy, poetic, natural, organic, exotic, sprinkled with a good handful of excellence. I want the party to be a true experience for everyone – the Goddess Fosbury, Naughty N and ALL OF THE PEOPLE who I love massively – happily schmoozing about in a late summer meadow.

It’s been playing on my mind, this party.
It’s fired up all my creative va-va-voom.

I keep on lying awake at night dreaming up new ideas for what it is going to look like and how it will all unfold. I wish I could tell it all right now, but I want to unfold it gradually and sort of seductively, like a burlesque strip tease. Oui Monsieur, I shall show you a leettle bit of this and a leeettle bit of that and then on the day, wah-lah … you can join me on the blog and see the whole shebang.

This is what I will tell you so far …

There is going to be a real tea leaf reader in a willow tent with gypsy scarfs and magical prophesies.

I am flirting with the idea of having a multitude of mixed size belly dancers in celebration of size and diversity.

There’s going to be a man who sings Tennyson poetry to the most beautiful acoustic sounds.

There will be a small number of exclusive pre-publication Grow Your Own Gorgeousness books available to buy.

All the monies raised from ticket sales, beer/wine/general grog, food, buns etc is all going to be donated to the Horn Of Africa Famine Appeal.

So thar chaps and chappesses. Isn’t that exciting? The Goddess Fosbury and the Naughty N are going to be united under the banner of gorgeousness … as are loads of other wonderful, magical, zesty, vibrant little beauties. If you happen to be a locally-docally and want to know dates or buy tickets (just 5 squid each) for the day (they are already on the loose) send me a message using the contact button here and you shall gain certain entrance to the gorgeousness.