The Emergency Experience Sailing Guide

A lot of people talk about the Law of Attraction these days.

Books like The Secret, Cosmic Ordering and the Abraham series have made this once esoteric subject a product of main stream consciousness. Some people hear about the law of Attraction, try it on for size and if it fits, they wear it out into their lives. For others, the Law of Attraction is just a pile of codswaddle.

People talk alot about quantum physics too.

Cutting edge discoveries are now suggesting that instead of being severed from our material world, human consciousness is in fact joined to atoms and particles in some crazy primitive dance. Just like the days when humanity realised the world wasn’t flat, we are now coming to whole new realisations about the very fabric that makes up our reality.

I love this.

I love this because it forms the foundation of my entire belief system. The workshops I run, the books I write, the coaching I deliver is there to help people shift their reality from one place to another, from one Experience to another. I wouldn’t call it the Law of Attraction, although the teachings do include how our thoughts and psychology effect our results.

The way that I see it – and teach it – is that shifting yourself from one Experience to the next is similar to being on a boat. We can keep ourselves tethered to a way of life, a way of being or just a mood we are in but if that doesn’t serve us, then we can always untie the rope and move away to a different port. A new Experience.

Some Experiences will be buzzing and drum with life.

Some might be run down and in need of repair.

At some of these places we’ll get out and have a little gander, maybe eat a little of the local cuisine, then sit in the sunshine with a map and think about where else we’d like to sail.

The point is that we can choose to tether ourselves into an Experience, or shift through it quickly and easily, moving off to the next place. This Experience could be low self esteem, a relationship that is violent, an addictive pattern or maybe a job that you dislike. The point is that we steer our own ship and we always have the power and the maps and the means to navigate away from one Experience and into another.

Right now my little ship is bouncing around in some pretty stormy seas. It feels like there has been a polar shift and the world ocean is rocking like mad. A few tsunamis are hitting shores here and there. At times like these I aim to stay present to what is going on whilst also keeping my eye firmly on the horizon. By day it’s all about steering the ship and keeping things afloat but by night I slip down to the cabin below and study my imaginary book; The Emergency Experience Sailing Guide.

The Emergency Experience Sailing Guide is great. It’s like a little lantern to guide sailors – like you and me – through the choppiness, towards the lands and the shores that we would prefer to be experiencing. And although this book only exists in my imagination (I am literally making this up as I go along) it now exists in your imagination too.

Does your imagination feel violated by that?

I hope not.

If so, many apologies. (You can quickly remove the Emergency Experience Sailing Guide completely out of your imagination by thinking about Cottage Pie instead.)

Hmm. I am now rather liking the idea of an Emergency Experience Sailing Guide. I like the idea of little snippets, brief snapshots to help whizz us quickly towards the life experiences we want to have.

Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder if you can guess what is going to happen now? Ha HAAA! You guessed it. I’m going to have to ACTUALLY CREATE the Emergency Experience Sailing Guide … partly for me and partly for you or anyone who happens to be in choppy waters.

This book needs to be slim, snappy, quick and available. It may only be three posts long. It’s also going to be free for anyone and everyone to take and use and play with. It’s not going to be copyrighted so YOU CAN ALL STEAL THE EMERGENCY EXPERIENCE SAILING GUIDE FROM THIS BLOG and hand great servings out to all and sundry.

Individuals facing upheaval, change, thick fog, choppy waves and general uncertainty for the future may all come and pour over it. Individuals not facing any of those things, but who fancy learning something a bit interesting and useful can also come and browsey-browse. In fact, everyone is welcome.

Okay. I guess I need to stop writing this then and start writing that. Right. Okay. See you soon.

PS. Oh, oh, oh. Before I go, I just wanted to show you this. It is my Frida Kohla t.shirt that I was on about on Friday.

I wasn’t convinced that it actually was her, but then I looked at the label and it was kind of convincing as you can see.

I also had another little Google and found out that she was married to a man called Diego Rivera. That’s such a beautiful name isn’t it? If I painted that name it would have definite Rousseau tones but with loads of spicy Rajasthan richness thrown in.

PPS. I just looked on Facebook to see that an old friend shared a link with me and lo and behold, you just would not believe what it was! An exhibition of Frida and Diego’s paintings are being exhibited in Chichester. I am feeling completely compelled to go. Here is the link in case you fancy a little look too. 

PPPS. Diego often used to refer to Frida as La Gran Ocultadora, which means “The great hider-away”. I’m not sure why that is relevant, but it gives me a little swooshy feeling (possibly connected to the joy of feeling marginally more cultured) so I thought it might give you a swooshy thing too. And swooshy feels good, doesn’t it? I hope you have a wildly swooshy day.


2 thoughts on “The Emergency Experience Sailing Guide

  1. You have a wonderful way with words 🙂 Great read. I love Frida kahlo and have read her bio by Hayden Herrera three times, such a fascinating read. the t shirt is fab.

  2. Ahh, thank you beautiful! You are very kind. I am going to get myself a little copy of Hayden Herrera’s book from Amazon tomorrow and indulge myself in a bit more of this Frida thing. I hope you are well. xxx

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