A Little Word

Words. Language. Vocab.
You utter one little sentence stringed together by breathes and pauses and suddenly your whole life experience is transformed.

Words have power … not the meaningless sounds, the clicking of a tongue or intonation, but the meaning that they hold. Words can lift or dowse the fire of a nation. They can trigger change on a personal and global level. Words, carefully selected, can evolve or devolve the thinking of our collective race. In each utterance, a new concept, a new idea, a new action, a new pathway is potentially created.

Words trigger.

Words expand.

Words contract.

Words transform the intangible into the tangible, the ungraspable into fact.

Whilst creating my books I am often compelled to make up new words. Sometimes the only way to really capture the essence of what I want to say is by tossing out a brand new sound and moulding the meaning around it. By doing this I am able to give birth to new concepts and bring them into the human reality. Aside from that it feels mischievous and daring and rule breaking, which naturally makes me want to do it even more.

When we master the written or spoken word we can travel across great conceptual savannahs and push through force fields in our thinking. And as our understanding of life deepens, words which we once understood on the surface begin to evolve. Their meanings are transformed to a deeper level.

One word that I have used, abused and now have begun to understand on a completely different level is this word: EXPERIENCE.
In the past I believed that my life was set in stone and that everything was concrete and dense. I was of the mindset that Life was happening to me, like I was a little rock and life was swooshing around me like a gushing river of movement.

I’m not sure what happened to change the way I saw this. All I know is that I did change. Instead of remaining the static rock around which life danced, I began to perceive life as a constant stream of merging experiences. And the more I saw my life as simple Experience, life stopped moving around me and began to move through me, co created with my interaction with it.

Then things got sci fi. The thinking went a bit waa-waa. I was all like, “We live in this world that is governed by time and space. We move through the levels and the planes and the rooms and the relationships and the bad times and the good like we are navigating our way through some crazy computer game. And if we are lucky – because there are always the lucky ones – we get gifted with a few tools, a few tips and insights from the Master Players. Using these tips suddenly you can rise above the game and learn how to shift and alter these series of Experiences that we know as life.”

Since that time I have completely stopped talking about life as if I have the first clue what is going on. I don’t say, “my life is … (fill in the blank)”.

Instead I say, “My experience of life at this time is …. (fill in the blank)”.

Experience. Good word. Like it.

Seeing life as a chain of Experience has helped me to see that life is not happening TO me … it is happening THROUGH me. When people believe life is happening TO them, they remain victims of it, worn down or elated by the pleasure or the pain. Yet name your life an EXPERIENCE and suddenly it is fluid. Free. You can choose to shift from one phase to the next, letting go of right and wrong and navigating yourself towards the sort of Experience you want to be experiencing next.

My current Experience of life is pretty bizarre. I ended a fourteen year long marriage last Thursday. One little sentence stringed together by breathes and pauses and suddenly my whole life experience has become transformed. Right now there aren’t the words to describe quite how I feel about this, but I’m sure they will come. And if they don’t I’ll just have to make up a few more.

What is your current Experience of this crazy, multifaceted weirdness also known as life?


5 thoughts on “A Little Word

  1. Hello Bethan,
    your blog has made me a bit sad. I hope all is okay. Remember where I am if you need cups of properly brewed tea.
    Giant blessings,

  2. Hi Kate The Baker, I’m so sorry you feel sad my darling. Thank you for all of your blessings. I will come and see you soon, but please can we have home brew instead of properly brewed tea? xxxx

  3. All I can say is dont cut me off. I have found you to be one of the most inspirational people I have met for a long time Beth, even though you are 25 years younger than me. Having said that I think I might just be able to help make you smile again and most importantly help you see that life is still good. How about giving it a try when you next whiz into the driveway and whiz out again! See I can give you space!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (oh and by the way I say all this from having been there!)

  4. Hi there Beth, loved reading you blog. I must say I’m feeling some sadness from it too! You know where I am if you want to talk through some Life Experiences. I can only imagine your feeling so much at the moment, sending you loads of love and I have been thinking of you so much over the last couple of days xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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