Life Adventure Portal

Blurb. Cover copy. Trim size. Sigh.

It is now two posts on from my big leap. Every so often I look at my sent emails, disbelieving that the cover art has really gone to the publisher. But the email doesn’t lie. It says, “Read my lips; very soon, you, Bethan Stritton, will be holding the paper back copy of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness.”

This bit of information pins me down to the ground in a state of heebi-jeebiness. I have tried to continue as normal. I have eaten rock cakes, gone clothes shopping and washed dishes. I have packed the car full of tents and blankets for the Isle of Wight Festival (very excited!) but the heeby-jeebies are like multi-coloured sprinkles on the top of my excitement jelly.

And well, the truth is …

If I am REALLY honest … 

I actually sort of get off on the heeby-jeebishness. 

I know! How sick is that?

I. Actually. Like. It. 

The stomach-churning feeling makes me all whizzy and buzzy. Every so often I have to take myself off and just bathe in heeby-jeebiness of what is coming next. Which is what I am doing right now … except then my hand crept towards the computer and the next thing – here I am – talking to you!

The reason I’m jeebing (jibbing?) is, I am standing slap bang in front of a Life Adventure Portal. On the other side of the portal lies Gorgeousness Adventure Part II.  

What will it be like through there? Who knows. I haven’t made that bit up yet.

All I know is that if I reach out my finger and give it a prod, the portal will swing open. Oooh nooo, jibbery-dibbery-wibbery! Ahem. Decorum, come back here at once. Thank you. 

Will there be a passageway on the other side?

And scrambling roses that whisper and watch us as we step through? Oh, sorry … did I not mention that you have been officially invited to join this adventure? No? Well, that’s okay. Let’s hold hands. We can jib out together. 

One thing is for sure. At some point we’ll get lost.

And that’s fine. I think getting lost is sort of fun (except when you are in a supermarket and you’re five and you are crying next to the cornflake packets. Thankfully there is always someone – a kind old lady,a  shelf stacker or a creature in a lime green dress – who will come along, take our hand and lead us to where we need to go.)  Phew.

Back onto the right track again.

And we’ll have to run like crazy to keep up…

At times we’ll probably feel like we are going around in circles at one hundred miles per hour … We might even wonder who we’re kidding in trying to follow our dreams.

But eventually things will slow down again …

And we’ll discover that we are in a brand new place that we have never been before.

We’ll scratch our heads and wonder just how we ended up here. But thankfully here isn’t so bad. So we’ll just mooch about and have a look around. 

Chat to the locals …

Until someone, or something, at some point (which they will) guides us to a different pathway. Would you trust this dude?

 We follow our noses, trailing off in a different direction …

Only to find ourselves at a place that didn’t feature in our dreams, but looks kind of curious. So we climb up, creep in, peer through, to see …


Someone has provided us with a feast!

There are smoked salmon sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, cream cakes, miniature meranges, strawberries, heart shaped scones and all sorts of delicious treats. There is also champagne in tall gypsy flutes.

Suddenly realising how hungry we are,

We tuck in to this feast of gorgeousness.

And all the while we relax to the sounds of the people and the things and the roles and the echoes of our Life Adventure. Our minds drift. Our eyes become heavy. And falling into a dream, we see a stone wall swimming before us. Within that wall is a door.

We leave the table and make our way to the door.

Push it open and … what’s this?! Yes! It’s our dream!! Our dream, our goal, our vision. Here it is at last!

My goal/dream/vision is to have the paperback version of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness flutter out into the world, spreading it’s message across the whole of Womankind. I envision having a copy of it on the bedside table of every woman in every English (and non-English) speaking country (but we’ll start with the English first). 

Of course, that’s going to take time.

And comedy.

And it’s going to take a pinch of salt, lots of  passageways, corridors, wrong turnings, wise guides, new friends, strange places, funny experiences and soul nourishing happenings along the way. Very soon I will share with you exactly how this is going to unfold … (like I said before, I haven’t quite made that bit up yet) … but what I do know is this; I’d very much love it if you would come on the adventure with me. 

You are Officially Invited.

All photographs were taken at The Enchanted Manor/Isle of Wight


4 thoughts on “Life Adventure Portal

  1. Oh Beth, What a lovely Blog (as usual). So its actually happening. How exciting. Big hugs and hope to spot your lovely face soon.

  2. Hello Debbie, it IS happening indeed. Thanks you for your big hugs, your lovely supportive-ness and for being an amazing super-friend in times of festival cat-feeding panic (as well as many other times too). Love ya! xxx

  3. I dropped by to say thank you for your lovely comment on my jafabrit blog and well wow, what a lovely blog you have here, I have been enjoying exploring and will be coming back 🙂
    congratulations on the book 🙂

  4. Hello lovely! Thanks for coming to say hi and I hope you enjoyed exploring further. I did a post a little while ago about the Guerilla Knitting movement and think it is absolutely brilliant. Will certainly be hanging around your place, seeing how it all develops. See you soon x

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