Giraffe/Camels and Exciting Expeditions

This is the giraffe who was giving me warning looks on the last post. He is very loyal and friendly and he likes to gently nudge procrastinaters and veerer offers. Some people – such as Husbandy One – say that he looks more like a camel. Not true. But HO says SO (hence a compromise through handy hyphoning. See below).

This week I have stitched Giraffe-Camel eighteen times.

It has been a bookmaking mission of epic proportions. This is because myself and the books are off on an expedition to the Ventnor Botanical Gardens, where we will be basking in the sunshine and enjoying a spot of jazz.

Giraffe-Camel is very much looking forward to this. He is a civilised type …unlike his friends. 

Take this blue thing below. It is sort of a mouse and sort of a frog. It is cheeky, inquisitive and has no concept of social decorum.

Oh no! Poor Mouse-Frog. He’s putting on a brave face, but look at those eyes. I think I hurt his feelings. Sorry Mouse-Frog.  Seriously! You’re nothing compared to this guy, Bogey-Toad.  

So who are all these crazy animal-hybrids? Well, they aren’t actually animals at all. They are thoughts creatures. They represent some of the more common thoughts that children have as they are growing up.

Several years ago I worked hard day and night, and burned the midnight oil, in an attempt to capture the essence of these inner characters. Some of them were friendly and empowering, such as “I can do it!” Some were less approachable, such as “I’m not good enough.” Realising how many positive and negative thoughts are whizzing around in our inner worlds, I went within and took a butterfly net, some jars and a pen and I attempted to capture some of the most common thoughts that live inside us. I then pinned them down in here …my children’s positive thinking book … Unleash The Zoo In You.

Z.I.Y introduces children to the wild wacky world of thought creatures.

It guides them through a mysterious, interactive exploration of their inner Zoo, showing them how to grab hold of the empowering thoughts such as “I can”, “I am,” “I trust in myself” and “I will,” then caging up the “I can’t”, “I’m afraid”, “I’m not good enough” thoughts.

When our weekend expedition is over, Unleash The Zoo In You will be flying away to a range of educational publishers. It will not be travelling alone as I am providing it with some funky-monkey educational resources to keep it company (which several local primary schools have been testing out). I will be left behind in the studio, developing a ZIY workshop that I’ll be piloting in schools later this year.  

Unleash The Zoo In You has been very patient over the years.

It has been desperate to get out in the world and splatter colour and wackiness and happiness wherever it goes and has sort of been living in the shaow of its older sister, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness.

I think ZIY deserves a massive round of applause.

If you know a young Zoo Keeper who could do with a hand in training up their negative and positive thoughts creatures, you can pick up a copy of this book on my website here. If you happen to be an Isle of Wighty and you also happen to be going to the Jazzy Thing please come and say hello. We’d love to meet you.  

Right. Giraffe-Camel and his eighteen clones are now safely tucked away in a box, so I am not getting any warning looks. However, the lady on the front of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness is beckoning me and pointing at her half painted dress, so once again, I’ll have to run.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you soon. X



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