Bird Houses and Bathing Beauties

Well, we are back from a wild, whooshing, whirling weekend with pockets stuffed full of books, truffles and lichen covered bird houses. I have been on a mission of hecticness. I’m taking my books on a little outing this weekend and there is SO much to be done. But I shall not tell you about that yet.

Today has been a celebration day. It’s special for two reasons;

a. May 16th is the birthday of my precious, wondrous Mother MeAcre (it has been her nickname since I was five).

b. I am now halfway through the raw food detox.

Let me tell you about the birthday and lichen covered birdhouse though. You see, because of the upcoming weekend book plans, I have been run off my feet. I almost forgot that it was MeAcre’s birthday.

Actually I didn’t almost forget … I did forget. And I hadn’t even bought her a present. So consequently, on Sunday, I got in the car and headed off on a Perfect Gift Hunt.

Easier said than done.

MeAcre is a woman who owns everything and has a passion for good quality. This is a hard combination to cater for year after year. Especially on a Sunday afternoon.

I looked everywhere.

And I mean everywhere.

At one point I found myself pulling over on a grassy verge, putting my face in my hands and physically racking my brains. Thankfully inspiration struck and I remembered this lovely shop that is the sort of place you’d just like to move into and possibly sleep on one of the shelves.

So I drove there. The shop was almost empty. It was cool and smelt like vintage rose drawer liners. I wandered about, pretending to be calm and looking at cushions and throws and various floral biscuit tins. Yet gradually as I wandered up and down, it became clear that the Perfect Gift was not here.

I started to feel desperate. I lent against the cottage garden bed spreads. I took a Zen breath. A few people trailed into the shop and gave me a sideways glance, but I didn’t care. They were, after all, just Sunday afternoon browsers. I, on the other hand, was a serious shopper with a mission that was epically failing with every second that passed. Cold sweats. Hot sweats. Breathe. Breeeathe.

At this point I realised that I was forgetting all of the positive thinking tools that I spend my days teaching children and adults. With another deep breath, I focused my mind, thought “The Perfect Gift. I have FOUND the Perfect Gift.” Mutter, mutter. Perfect Gift. Perfect Gift. “OH FOR GOD’S SAKE! WHERE CAN I GET A PERFECT PRESENT FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS SYSTEMATICALLY PURCHASED EVERYTHING THERE IS TO BUY IN THE WHOLE GALAXY? AND IS FUSSY!”

Feverishly I glared around the shop and that is when I noticed a little face peeping out at me from the card rack. It was a photograph of a frog, swimming in a pond. Its head was breaking the green algae covered surface. The card was named “Bathing Beauty”.

The card was so perfect that it was practically sent from the gods ( MeAcre loves frogs and ponds and wildlife). Picking up the Perfect Card, I then noticed a bird box sitting in the courtyard outside. It was a thing of pure gorgeousness; wooden, with a little coiled metal handle at the top. The whole thing was covered in sage coloured lichen. All I could think was “thank you Universal God of Gifts! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

Dancing through the shop with my Bathing Beauty and bird house, I was filled with the joy that only finding the Perfect Gift can fill you with. And I’m pleased to announce that this afternoon I presented the lichen covered bird house and the Bathing Beauty to MeAcre. She was very happy. She gazed at it lovingly whilst tasting the raspberry mousse gateaux with cream, strawberries and white chocolate leaves that I baked up today. Yep, I know I’m just showing off now. But it was a pretty mean cake. My favourite bit was the white chocolate leaves. Just check out that gorgeous vein. Love it.

I did not sample the cake.

Can you guess why?

Exactly! The Raw Food Detox lives on.

Thankfully I have discovered that being raw does not mean deprivation. Oooh no. I made (for mwha) some of these raw cacao truffles. They are made from ground almonds and honey, rolled into balls. Not only are they delicious, but they are also good for you. It turns out that raw cacao is the number one super food going!

So while All Them Lot ate cake, I had a truffle – or two – and celebrated MeAcre being born on Planet Earth and me being half way through the marvellous detox thing.


Better be off.

I still have a bazillion felt book covers to stitch for the weekend. (I’m currently working on some giraffes who, sensing my mood for going off on tangents this evening, are giving me warning looks.)

 See you soon x


2 thoughts on “Bird Houses and Bathing Beauties

  1. Loving your ramblings Bethan … I too use the the law of attraction and gratitude every day and what a difference it makes. Your truffles sound amazing I’m on day 7 of a 21 day detox and I’m feeling energized so pleased to be out of the caffeine withdrawal stage! Recipe for truffles please 🙂 its an amazing feeling when you’ve experienced the universe moving to deliver your desires. Sounds like you had a fab day with your mum .love and hugs. Tracy. Catch you soon! Xx

    • Hello darling, Wow, it must be detox season! Glad you are out of the caffine withdrawal. For some reason I didn’t get that … think I was Si banboozled with exotic and bizarre recipes (and learning how to sprout alfalfa seeds) that my mind was taken off cravings. I did feel quite tired and groggy for three days mind you. Hoh-Kay … chocolate truffles … you’ll need to order 100g raw organic cacao powder and 40g cacao butter from a site like, then get 1 vanilla pod (seeds) 100g ground almonds and 4 tablespoons of set honey. Put cacao butter and honey in a bowl. Fill a bigger bowl with hot water and place smaller bowl in hot water until the honey and butter melt. Mix cacao powder, ground almonds and vanilla in mixing bowl the butter and honey. Roll into chocs and pop into fridge. wah-lah xxx

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