I’ve always been partial to a bit of geek. That is true. Usually I keep it under control. Not yesterday though. Yesterday the geek came out in full glory.

It happened like this … I strolled to the post office to deliver a Gratitude Journal to a buyer in Scotland.

As I was drawing out some cash, my eyes wandered across to a lady at the postage counter. She was doing something. With stamps. Being a bit of a curious type, I peered over further and in that moment, my eyes were struck with divinity itself. Seriously. The woman was gathering up the most beautiful stamps I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Before I knew what was happening to me, I’d sped to her side, grabbed her arm and declared, “those are William Morris Stamps! I must get them!”

She looked at me, startled. “They came out today dear. My husband is a stamp collector and I am getting them for him.” At this point she rummaged in her bag and drew out a stamp collecting book to show me.

“No. No. Not the stamps.” I shook my head feverishly. “It’s the William Morris.”

I am not a stamp collector or lover. My level of geekdom has not been elevated that point yet. I do occasionally appreciate the artwork on those special big stamps however. And it was the William Morris designs on the latest set of stamps that were causing my eyes to practically pop out of my face.

I actually do love Willaim Morris. I really do.

And when I say love, I mean my heart starts thumpity-thumping, my knees go weak and I get all hot and flustered. It’s like the journal love … but different.

Is that so wrong?

(My nearest and dearest know that the only reason I was married in Gatcombe Church on the Isle Of Wight was because it had a William Morris stained glass window. My old apartment on the top floor of an airy Victorian house was a shine to the man’s work. Many of my old picture books images were inspired by his designs.) What began as a crush in my early twenties has grown into true vintage love and here was my beloved itself, captured in six stamps. Sigh.

By now the lady with the stamps realised that it was the Morris I was drooling over and not her collection. She closed her handbag, then kindly explained that one of the stamps – available for post offices all over the country – had a design from a Morris stained glass window and that stained glass window was in the tiny little church FIVE MINUTES DOWN THE ROAD FROM MY HOUSE!

So you can imagine what I did next. I purchased a set of six stamps and then legged it down to the church to bask in a bit of William Morris gorgeousness. Didn’t find it in the little old church. So then sped to the Victorian albeit slightly newer church. Hurtled in (by now I was late for collecting my kids from school) only to interrupt a wedding rehearsal. Crept backwards out, muttering apologies.

Very frustrating that I didn’t find the William Morris window.

 But I shall. (If the lady in the shop wasn’t lying to me.)

So there. Not only am I in love with the founder of the Arts and Craft Movement, but I now have the beginnings of a stamp collection. And it’s probably just going to get worse. Here it is (the stamp). What do you think? Very pre Raphaelite isn’t it? Mary or Jesus – what d’ya reckon?

OK, geek confessional over. Hope you have a spankingly gorgeous day. x

P.S. I am now on DAY 12 of eating nothing but raw food and the results so far have been amazing. One side effect is that I’m waking up at 5.30am every day (which is why I am posting these bloggy wotsits at Stupid O’clock in the morning).


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