Featuring A Brain Factory Near You

“Yes Daughter?”
“Why do I have to go to school?”
“Are you sitting comfortably, Daughter?”
“Errrr, yes. I think so.”
“Then I will begin…

REASON ONE: We live in a society made out of people and people can only do what their brains allow them to think up. Our brains are like factories that produce the ideas, actions, thoughts, inventions, designs and pathways that allow society to thrive and grow. If our brains work well and are full of information and knowledge, our society will function well and we will know what to do and how to do it.

REASON TWO: Over the years and years that humankind have lived on this planet, we have accumulated a vast body of knowledge … how to make fire, how to make a computer, how to programme and invent. If that knowledge isn’t passed on in a systematic way then it could be lost and the evolution of our species as well as our technology would hit a brick wall. By going to school children are able to learn the accumulated knowledge that humankind has built up and can therefore pass it on to the next generation and evolve it further.

REASON 3: So that when you grow up you can get a good job.

“So our schools are like brain factories that produce the brains for the future?”
“Exactamungo Daughter. Exactamungo.” (Why do I feel compelled to say things like Boycie from Only Falls And Horses? Now THAT is a question worthy of being asked.)

Brain factories. Important places. After all the wealth of our nation and the health of our global community is the sum of the brains of its people – their creativity and skills, their ideas and ways of seeing. The brains that are produced will collectively steer humanity in one Way – or Another – so it’s kind of important that these brains are wholesome, of a friendlyish nature and generally balanced. Right?

Question is, what sort of brains are we producing?

In my eyes we’re doing a fairly decent job of turning out friendly brains … but are they whole-some and are they balanced? The reality is that most people leave the education system as predominantly left-brain thinkers, which allows them to work in companies effectively, follow instructions and work things out logically, however their ability to think creatively, laterally and “outside the box” is severely damaged. Left brain subjects such as maths, literacy, analysis and logical thinking dominate, whilst creative thinking, visioning and solution-seeking is played down.

Parents are invited into school to discuss their child’s grades (left brain functioning of measuring) through the written tests they have to complete (left brain functioning of analysis) in the subjects highlighted as essential (writing, reading, spelling, maths and science – all left brain subjects) and objectively consider the logical sequence of how we can improve their grades (left brain functioning).

Is it time that our brain factories changed the product blueprint and start bringing in a little more brain balance? What do you think?

Google yourself a bit of “accelerated learning” and you’ll find a huge body of evidence that shows by combining left and right brain thinking, our powers of concentration, creativity, radiant thinking, challenge busting and memory capability is turbo-charged to the level of extraordinary. And in today’s world, where everything is rapidly going bonkers, upside down, topsy-turvy and changing every five minutes, our future brains are going to have to be adaptable. They are going to NEED all of the right brain skills of creativity, seeing the bigger picture, innovation and invention to be able to cope with modern life. They are the ones who will survive the madness.

To produce whole-brained brains, teachers will need to begin using instruction techniques that connect with both sides of the brain. They can increase their classroom’s right-brain learning activities by incorporating more patterning, metaphors, analogies, role playing, visuals, and movement into their reading, calculation, and analytical activities. In order to evaluate student learning, educators would have to develop brains new ways to test and assess right-brained skills.

Will it happen? Who knows. But I have this little dream that one day our brain factories WILL suss on to the benefits of having a nation of balanced people. The old blueprint for brain production will be tossed away and a balanced, vibrant Brain Balance Brand will emerge. Now wouldn’t that be amazing Maaaaarleeeeeeene?


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