Life Kandy

See this picture here on the left?

Am feeling just a teensy bit excited to show it to you.

It is the front cover for my teen life coaching book, Life Kandy. And very soon – in fact, we’re talking over the next fortnight – this book will be published on Kindle.

Admittedly, I don’t have  a Kindle, but I know lots of people do and I am feeling quite accomplished that I’ve leapt from vintage book binding, into the cutting edge world of an ebook. Whoever would have thought it?

I wrote Life Kandy about three or four years ago. Back then it was called “SHINE – The Sassy Girl’s Guide To Living The Dream”. It visited just one publisher and was returned about a week after my brother was killed – which was kind of distracting – and since then SHINE has lived in a file on my computer. Looking back to the letter I received, the publisher had said some nice things about my book. They had used words like “contemporary, worthwhile” and “inspiring” however, for whatever reason “it’s not something we would publish.” Yawn, yawn. We know that bit.  

HEY – News Flash! Remember I sent Grow Your Own Gorgeousness off to that “really good publishing company”? Well, not long after the editor sent back my book with a handscrawled note that said, “If I’m honest I really have no idea what this book is about. In any case, we don’t publish stuff like this. Good luck.”

I felt tickled pink to think that the guy found Gorgeousness so bizarre that he was compelled to tell me about it! Very un-publisher like. Poor man.

After that I sent the book to an agent, who again returned it (can you tell I’m used to this?) yet wrote a very different letter. She said “your book is truly a thing of wonder; beautifully written, lively and interesting content and fascinating content. However, as the subject matter is quite specialist, I don’t feel it is something I can handle.”  

It continues to fascinate me just how varied and diverse people’s responses to Grow Your Own Gorgeousness are. Right. OK. News flash over.

So, in my retreat to the countryside a few weeks ago, I started to think about SHINE – The Sassy Girl’s Guide To Living Her Dream. I thought, “hey lets’ have a look at the old girl.” So, I pinged her up on screen and was instantly gobsmacked by her gorgeousness. I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about her. A few tweaks here, a few alterations there and she was looking pretty good. I then decided to drop the old name (SHINE had always struck me as being a bit 1980’s somehow) and renamed her Life Kandy- Teen Secrets For Sweet Success.

Since then I have been working my little socks off, formatting the girl for Kindle. I designed the front cover, using a tube of Smarties. And now soon, very soon, she’ll be out there in the world, being all things to all people, depending on who they are, what they like and what they find worthwhile or baffling.  

I will let you know the moment that it is published, so you can all run out with your Kindles.

In the meantime, have yourself a rad little day! xxx


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