Various Titbits

So, last Monday, me and Raw Food started this little romance with each other.

We were all polite smiles and “nice to meet you”. For several days we mucked about with the blender and danced with the chopping board.

I was so busy exploring new recipes, tastes and textures that I didn’t even THINK about the chocolate eggs in the fridge.

Can you believe that? I received a gift box full of treats from my Raw Food coach, Saskia. It was full of pure deliciousness. I was in bliss.  

Then yesterday it was the Royal Shin Dig. This meant that celebrations were everywhere. And outings were out there to be had. But more than anything it meant that I didn’t have to go to work, resulting in Spare Time. And this was interesting.

Unoccupied, my mind kept on drifting to the Various Titbits in the fridge.

Various Titbits felt kind of like a bad old boyfriend knocking at the door whilst angelic Raw Food Detox was dozing on the coach. I tried to ignore Various Titbits, but he just wouldn’t go away. In the end I crept to the kitchen and hissed, “What do you want?”

Various Titbits (charmingly); “Come on. Come to the fridge. Just five minutes. It won’t hurt. I promise.”

Me; “That’s what you always said. And it did! Why are you here anyway?”

Various Titbits; “Cos I still love you. And I want you back. And I’m loads more fun than that cold, soaked, raw stuff you’re hanging out with.”

On this occasion I managed to resist, took a deep breath and closed the kitchen door. But then it happened again. This time it was when I was making the children’s lunch. Various Titbits appeared in the form of some crusts that had small enticing pieces of Leerdammer in them.

Various Titbits; “Just one piece.”

Me (pleadingly); “No! Don’t you get it? I’m with Raw Food now. Please go away!”

Luckily, this time Raw Food Detox sat bolt upright like an overprotective Meer Cat. In that moment, I found the strength to throw all the crusts in the bin. Ha!

So can you see what I’m going through?

I’m breaking up with Various Titbits, but he is hanging on for dear life. He’s a stalker! I guess it’s going to take a while before he gets the message that Raw Food Detox isn’t just a fling. Or a diet.

Which brings me to something else.

All week people have been referring to my detox as “just a diet”. This bugs me huuuuuugely for three reasons:

a) Why would I dump an old, dysfunctional relationship with food for a measly six weeks, replace it with a brand new healthy, energetic one, then go back to the old relationship afterwards? Eh? It doesn’t make sense!

b) I once had a conversation with a lady from the Philippines whose VERY WEALTHY British husband did advertising for a diet company. He used to find it hilariously funny that he and the company had made so much money from products that had absolutely no effect and would frequently talk about this to her.

c) I have some pretty negative associations with dieting through the work I’ve done with Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. The book is about the lengths we will go to in order to fit the ideal beauty mould projected by the media. Whether it’s never being 100% comfortable with your body, or starving yourself to fit the acceptable size, or basing your happiness on how young you look, the ideal beauty “myth” keeps women in a state of body terror and low self worth. 

Many people misinterpret Grow Your Own Gorgeousness and think I’m trying to say “eat what you want and never exercise.” That isn’t true. The message of the book is “love and honor yourself, base your worth on your own unique you-ness and embrace your own individual beauty and style, including your perceived flaws.”

An example of someone doing this is Cindy Crawford. When she started her modeling career she was asked to have themole on her upper lip removed. She massively refused. The result? Her level of self acceptance transformed the mole from being a “flaw” to being a worldwide celebrated signature of her beauty.

Gorgeousness isn’t about letting your body go and filling it with junk. It’s about treating it with respect and honor and creating a new, loving relationship with the skin you are in.

And that is what my intention is with the Raw Food Detox.

My goal is to carve out a relationship with my brilliant, lovely body that I am in control of and that brings massive energy, vitality and happiness, rather than letting the media, my upbringing, the food industry or Various Titbits pull my strings.

Okay, rant over. Have yourself a rad little day! x


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