A Grand Royal Random

I try to avoid completely random posts.

I know it’s hard to believe. But seriously …. that’s why I make my little themes to follow each month.

And today I was completely committed to non-randomness.

I was dedicated to link my post with something relevent (the little chapel-shin dig that happened up town yesterday for example). However. It seems that I have am heavily influenced by random in my astrological chart. In fact, I don’t think I have a relevent planet anywhere. (I find myself naturally drawn to people influenced by relevance in an attempt to counterbalance this).

I honestly try to handcuff down the randomness. I try to get it under control through neatly packaged blog posts. But now I am asking, is this right? I mean Really?

What do you think?

If randomness is in your nature, should you try to suppress it? Or embrace it? Should we name our randomness Royal and celebrate it as being part of us? After all, that is what Gorgeousness is all about.

Whether your features, shape, voice, heart, interests, quirks, talents and ideas are Random or Relevent to the society we live in, lets name them Royalty and DELIVER THEM ALL TO THE WORLD IN EPIC CELEBRATION OF OUR US-NESS. Hoooh-rahhh!!


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