Do I Look Clean?

Oh the shame. The shame! After promising a whole array of articles on the theme of creative bods, I have well and truly slacked. And now it’s nearly May. There are valid reasons for the slacking though.

Remember I wrote about the Rahh Wave at the end of March? Little did I know that this was just a baby Rahh Wave. The following week I was hit with another wave, then another and then ANOTHER. One Rahh was man-made, multi-layered, filled with anxiety-ridden grittiness. Another was of the natural wrong place/wrong time variety and was equally deadly. The final Rahh was a mixture of the two and left me feeling like someone who had been caught in an industrial sized washing machine. Each time I tried to drag myself out, a new white cycle would begin (and you know how long those go on for).

Schmoodling and surfing the spiral had no effect.

Fighting the onslaught of badness was futile.

In the end I took flight and became a portable Bethan. I packed myself and the children into a suitcase and relocated, first to London and then to a secret retreat in the countryside.

Initially I felt disconcerted at all the uprooting. This was interesting because I’ve always had a thing about freedom, travel and adventure. It turns out that I have become accustomed to a grounded and permanent home. Thankfully three very gorgeous friends coached me through the whole process from across the country/ globe – you know who you are – and in the Going-Away/Portability a new sense of centredness and peace has returned. I’ve spent loads of time on my writing projects, have helped shift the direction of my training company into an awesome new direction, taken some hilarious stomps through the Oil Seed Rape fields that are currently beaming out from this little island and … here is the biggy … booked myself onto a 6 Week Raw Food Cleanse.

Six weeks. A long time. But drastic times call for drastic measures and post-Rahh Wave I feel that a little energy put into health, well-being and the body would be most welcome. I begin tomorrow. Eeek.

So there it is. Spin cycle over. Daz Ultra white. Touch wood. (There’s a l’il bit of residue paranoia about being whacked still hanging around).

And about to embark on forty two days of eating nothing but raw things.
But having said all of that, I did still slack. I’m now asking your forgiveness for not following through with the things I promised you. I will however, still be bringing you the interviews. And they will be mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

See you soon. xxx


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