Schmoodling It Up

Today it’s going to be all been about the Schmoodling.

Spending a day in a state of Schmoodle is like pressing your emotional “reset” button after you have been flobbed out of the washing machine mayhem of the Rahh Wave.

(If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, then check out this post).

You would think that the day following a Rahh Wave ejection, we  would all be in a state of bliss. You’d think that there would be a sense of elation and euphoria to be on warm, dry land again. Ha.

For me, the day after the Rahh Wave peaks I tend to wake up in a really cranky mood. It’s like all the salt water and stress and adrenaline of the last few weeks must now slowly rise up and seep away. I have no choice but to let these chemicals naturally, organically emerge and to an innocent onlooker or husband, this emergence can manifest in a strangely PMT-ish way.

Yet PMT is so not the case.

If you ever experience this (post Rahh Wave) please know that it’s just Rahh Wave fallout. The body is still on red alert, poised in an inner assassin’s stance as it waits for the next disgruntled lady or arrogant bus driver to ker-ching. This is known to psychologists as hyper-vigilance and it basically means that while we know the Rahh Wave has ejected us … the body doesn’t and hence is still feeling a tad tense.

Gradually, as the day goes on and nothing happens, your shoulders begin to relax a little. Your cranked up jaw loosens a notch. You manage to sit down and watch an entire episode of some absent-minded soap long enough to notice that the nervous tick in your eye has gone away.

All appears to be well. And generally, if you can stay in this state of relaxation, the Rahh Fallout will seep away.

The challenge is that life isn’t predictable and relaxation is not always on the cards and its because of this fact that I tend to steer away from eeked out Rahh Recovery and go for a full Schmoodling Day instead.

To have a Schmoodling Day is to have dreamy time where, yeah there’s stuff to do and you’ll do it sooner or later, so why worry? Schmoodling is all laid back in the knowing that there is always tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. It’s about not getting hung up on anything that involves what you should be, could be, would normally have to be doing.

Schmoodling is the hippy twin of the Crazy Rahh Wave.  It’s favourite saying is “Just for today.”


“Just for today I’ll laze away the hours with a cup cake and a hot beverage … and when I see something white and funky floating in my drink, I think “oh well” and slug it back anyway.”

“Just for today I’ll take myself off to a tranquil little garden and wander through the pergodas.”

“Just for today I’ll hang out in nature, forgetting all of my expectations, judgements, ideas, plans and let my thoughts unravel. I’ll use this serene looking cement lady as a positive Schmodling role model.  Look in her hand – even the little bird is Schmoodling It Up and is content simply to be held.”

“Just for today I’ll let go of clocks and instead let little shadows and sunbeams guide me.”  

“Just for today I will learn the wisdom of  a three legged tortoise who was injured in battle, but still manages to walk the way of Schmood, sunbathe a wooden table and submerge himself in pure, self nurturing laziness.”

Like I said up there, Smchmoodling is about pressing your emotional reset button. It is the best, fastest and most enjoyable way of Rahh Wave Recovery and for me, the plan of the day.

Shall be seeing you you under the pergoda!


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