Hello little being of gorgeousness (that’s you). I hope that you are doing okay, despite all the crazy stuff that has happened across the planet these last few days.

The workshop I was supposed to deliver today has been cancelled so I thought I’d spend put out some tea and cakes and say Happy Sunday to you. 

(Btw, that’s not a doorstop on the left, but a real cat called Florence.)  

For the last few days I have been trying my best to set free/pin down an idea that’s fluttering around my head. It has been driving me mad.

Do you ever have that? When you get a thought or plan or idea that beats its wings and whizzes around, bouncing into your thoughts until you realise you have no choice but to let it out into the world?

That’s exactly what has gone on for me since writing the last post “Break Up Break Down.”

It’s not a problem, this zippy idea turning up. It’s very welcome to come in and join the family. I like new ideas. 

I am especially drawn to ideas that are mischievous/naughty/radical and help trigger positive change … in a non-illegal kind of way.  

So, anyway, after writing Break Up Break Down the other day, I kept feeling like there was an even deeper aspect embedded in the “Love yourself for what you are being, not what you are doing” idea. There was this curious sense that, rather than making our experiences responsible for us being happy or cherished or approved of, we can begin to generate this feeling inside ourselves and then infuse life with it from the inside out.  

I know this is all a bit odd … (do you have sugar with your tea?)

You can tell me if none of it makes sense.

To tell you the truth it a challenge to put it into words … but I am determined to try. 

You see, I have a friend who has a very cute, quirky dress. When she first got her dress, she put it on and felt great. She went out to a party and dazzled everyone that she came across. A few weeks later she was invited out to a concert with some friends. Feeling not-so-dazzling, she put on the dazzling dress and swirled out, expecting the reactions of others to be the same. No one gave her a second glance.

Has this ever happened to you?

Or something similar?

I don’t think my friend’s dress was anything to do with her two different experiences. In fact, I reckon that had she worn a pair of jeans and a woolly jumper the first night, she would still have dazzled everyone. That night she was Being Dazzling. She took the Dazzlement with her and threw great sparkling handfuls of it over anyone who came close. she was in a bubble, hosting a great party of Dazzlement and hence her whole night was infused with it.

However, on the second night, she was depleted. Longing to feel the sparkle, she put on her dress and relied on it to work the Dazzling Magic once more. So instead of focusing on generating that feeling and becoming a host of Dazzlement, she went out that night with an invisible begging bowl, then hungrily waved it around. All that came back was an experience of dissatisfaction.

What we give out naturally comes back at us.

We can choose to be an abundant host, or we can go out begging.

I think that’s the idea I am attempting to pin down here.  

Could you do a little experiment for me when you leave here today? Would you think about the sort of Sunday you would LOVE to have – all of the beingness (lighthearted, carefree, relaxed or exciting and adventurish etc) you desire – and then commit to hosting those ways of being right here, inside yourself, right now?

Literally become what it is that you want to experience. If you want to experience friendship, be friendly. If you want to experience love, be loving. If you want to experience peace, be peaceful. If you want to experience connectedness, connect with the people around you. 

It kind of feels right to me that despite all the fear and unheaval and uncertainty that Planet Earth is hosting at this time, we can still host our very own teaparty in our day and that way we’ll create a new experience, not just for ourselves but for all the people who we come into contact with.

Love yourself not for what your doing, but who you are being! And in the meantime …


P.S. This post is dedicated to my lovely friend Kelly, who is the all time queen of hostessness. Xxx


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