Feeling A Bit Lickish

I have to be honest and just tell you this. For many years my birthday/christmas presents have been kind of, well, disappointing. 

Do you remember being little and getting something that – every time you thought about it – had you shivering with delight, desperate to get home and play because it was the bestest, bestest thing you ever had?

It’s rare for a grown up person to get such a thing. Last Christmas my sister-in-law got a new bike that she loved very much, to the point that she feverishly declared, “Is it wrong to just want to lick my new bike?” (Or something along those lines.)

And this is the feeling I’m talking about. The Lickishness Feeling.

I have had the Lickishness Feeling (over an object – babies don’t count) three times or so in the last ten years. The first time was when I was given my reclaimed Victorian telephone. It was the epitome of gorgeousness; boot polish black, with a dial and fabric cord. The mouth/ear piece could have been used as an offensive weapon and the ringtone was so loud that it nearly gave my granddad a heart attack.

The second Lickishness Feeling was when I got my old school satchel style bag (see photogrpah above). This was quite recent. I don’t know why the school satchel does it for me, but it does. I now take it everywhere.  

The third Lickishness happened when I finally completed the updated version of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. The proofs were finally done, the mistakes all ironed out and I came running downstairs like a five year old on Christmas morning, darted into the kitchen, feverishly removed the encyclopaedias that I use to weigh down books as they are drying and held up the first ever, brand new copy of GYOG (now 140 pages long!)

It was so …. juicy! And I gazed and hugged it and oogled it and declared my utter, undying love for it to the point that Daughter began to feel all insecure about her place in my heart and asked solemnly, “Do you still love me Mummy?”

And yes I do. But ha! I just want to lick my book.

Here she is. In full glory. New pages and old. IloveherIloveherIloveher!

This is the the fabric that I found to bind the cover. It is so beautiful. I always try to get something that matches the tones inside the book and this Victorian rose design is my favourite so far.

One day I might find some fabric with carrots on ……

I’ve been working so hard on this book for so long. Now that the task has reached wholesomeness, I am going to send it to a really, really, really good publishing company. I am also sending it to a journalist at the Times Ed who requested it for review. This request came well before Christmas, so I’m hoping she will still want to read it. Eek!

Part of me feels like a proud mother, whose child is off to make their pathway in the world. But I’m not too worried about her as she won’t be travelling alone.

Voyaging alongside Gorgeousness will be the vibrant, bizarre and slightly crazed, Unleash The Zoo In You – my interactive positive thinking book for kiddily-winks.  

Unleash The Zoo In You is full of interesting little charecters to keep Gorgeousness entertained during any delays or hold ups that might occur along the way. (Books can sit on publishers desks for a hundred years or more, you know.)

Also Unleash The Zoo In You has got a nice soft, felt side so it will be a snug little shoulder for Gorgeousness to lean on whilst travelling to all these desks around Britain. 

And here they are. The pair. All wrapped up and ready to go. I will be sending them off tomorrow morning – to go and start their adventure in the world. Don’t they look smart?

On a brand new pathway. Good luck GYOG and ZIY! I love youuuuuu!!


P.S. I didn’t think that I’d have the guts to Delight The Postman with a package containing books for a publisher. But then I thought, hey, why not? And actually I really like it now. Why am I so obsessed with packaging? Surely that goes against the whole ethos of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness? Hmm, shall have to have a little think about that one …


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