A Little Warble About Nothing Much

Finding a little platform of expression that is reliable, available at any time time, free and doesn’t take away anything from the resources of the planet (other than a wee little bit of electricity) is not the easiest thing to find. If you are looking for such a platform, I’d definitely nominate getting  a blog.

When I first began this online journal in 2009 I was a very dedicated and prolific blogger … many of the posts I wrote back then have since been deleted for a whole variety of reasons … but that old-school blogging has set a precedent for me and and since returning to the blogosphere I feel that a once a week blog-post is somehow a bit rubbish.

It’s sort of frustrating because I’m teeming with thoughts and ideas, but life has kicked off in a brand new direction and I’m so massively, incredibly busy. It’s all gone crazy.   

Back in the winter time I probably would have been more active on here as things were quieter. IN fact I spent most of my evening sitting next to a log fire with various piles of journals and books and baskets of embroidery thread and multicoloured felt everywhere. Just a few months ago I had ample time to write.

I love winter for that reason. It’s all about hibernation and being cosy and listening to the rain and the wind outside whilst thinking about the next year and what little seeds to plant and goals to reach for.

And now here we are, in the winter/spring crossover. The snowdrops are peeping out of the ground and daffodils are splashing their jazzy yellow onto the verges and banks. Hibernation is gradually sinking back and the first brave signs of spring are beginning to emerge. 

I’m not as steely as a daffodil. For me, Going Outside and reemerging is taking quite a lot of self persuasion. If you were sat here now you’d see that I’m wearing my jogging clothes and next to me, (pointing in the direction away from this computer) are my loyal old running shoes. I have a complete and well formed intention to complete this post, then go out and signal Spring-Beginnning with all the birdies and the flowers by doing a nice run, but the truth is it’s still pretty raw out there!

If I’m honest I’d rather go out cocooned in a coat the thickness and size of a double duvet, my head hugged by a woolen hat and my hands stuffed in my pockets. I’m not exactly embracing the thought of the cold air up my nose or the big empty sky where a few crows are circling. I’d rather be down at the sea front submerged into the roll-top froth of hot chocolate.


Spring is here. I owe it to myself to Go Outside, Show My Face and Emerge Back Again.

If I don’t go now I will change my mind.


Trainers On.

I’m Off.

I’m Gone.


2 thoughts on “A Little Warble About Nothing Much

  1. This is getting really interesting. How comes we seem to have the same mental images all the time? Guess what I spent last night imagining with: A big, stiff coat that I need to take off in order to be able to move freely again. This coat is heavy and drags me down all the time, the hood is obscuring my view and the cloth is sealing me off from the outside world.
    In fact- I am just now getting ready to get outside (not for a run but for a nice long walk with Pepper).

    • T’is strange. You’re right. Well, I did the run and I wore a scarf because when I got out there Spring has blagged me! It was practically still winter (there was frost on things!). However, about two miles in, the sun came out and the sky was blue and it was beauuuuuutiful. Time to remove all duvet shells for sure. X

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