The Love Rat Speaks

Here I am sitting at the Imagination Box, putting some final touches to the proofs of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness when suddenly I smell something.

It’s kind of like strawberries … and rosewater … and something else that I can’t describe.

I put down my pen.

I glance around the home studio.

 Where is the smell coming from?

Maybe the smell is coming from in here – inside the Imagination Box.

(Don’t laugh. Weirder things have happened).   

I move my papers. 

Open the lid.

And peek in. Oh! What’s this? A little cup. Where on did you come from?

And there’s something inside you. 

A beautiful rose!

Is this where the smell is coming from? I lean in closer to breath the scent …

And a little further still. And before I know it I am falling … falling … head over heels INTO the rose!

And suddenly there are two roses … no three.

More and more roses! All around me is that beautiful scent – strawberries, raspberries, all things red! Where am I?

Wherever this place is, it looks like someone is expecting company. 

Look at all this food … and Valentines crackers. Those strawberries look delicious.

I’m sure no one would mind if I had just one?

Hmm. Yum.

Right, what’s next?

Jammy dodgers! I love jammy dodgers …

And plump, red raspberries Shall I have one? (I feel like Goldilocks in this place!)

Ooh and here are little jelly beans in the shape of hearts. Hmm. I hope the Three Bears aren’t going to come in and catch me …

Hey! Wattsat? Shh. Did you hear that? I heard a noise! It sounded like a shuffle – a cough.

 I think the three bears are coming. Except ….

Oh. My. God.

Look. Down to the right of the suitcase. It’s a rat. And it’s eyes are glowing. It’s … it’s been watching me! Ergh!!

Eeek. He’s coming towards me.

Quick! Back away. BACK AWAY!

“Heeey baby.”

(??The rat talks???)

 “Don’t freak. I’m the Lurve Rat and you have just fallen – head over heelies – into Love.”

I glance around. “This is Love?”

  “Let’s just say it’s a suburb of the Big Thang, l’il lady. Now gimme your hand. We got work to do.”

“Work?” I look at Love Rat blankly.

“Work for the people who read your blog, doll! This blog thang you got going on? It’s like a window into a different world. And your Imagination Box is another window – a window in a window. Very trippy. Very cosmic. Very coool.”

Right. O-kay.


“So what would you like me to do? I have to get back home soon. They’ll all be wondering where I am and …”

 “Hey, chill, chill. Look, see over there? That line of sweets?” Love Rat points his tail. “They’re this Love Rat’s Sweet Meat Lurve Treats. They be my sweet nothin’s. Put me down next to them and I’ll explain what you have to do.”

 “Right then Love Rat. Here you go. But get a move on because there’s only a few hours left of today and this post is going to take bloody ages to write.”

“Okay, o-kaaaay  l’il lady. All you gotta’ do is this: 

Ask each reader who comes to your blog this week to click on one of the Love Rat’s Sweet Meat Love Treats (below). All they gotta do is click and then they’ll find a message from Big Heart my boss.”

“Okay, so all they have to do is click on one of your Sweet Treats?”

“Sweet Meat LURVE Treats.”

“Yeah (ahem) them.”

“Exactly. And you can go back to your other world. This is the deal. Take or leave, baby doll?”

“Okay I’ll take it.” 

So … did you hear that then everyone? I am now going to leave you in the capable hands of Love Rat. Please click on one of the Sweet Meat Love Treats and Love Rat here will take it from there. But please remember, I’m not responsible for ANYTHING he says. Kay? This is nought to do with me. See you back at the blog this week … and in the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day. X


(note from Bethan: I’m not sure what the heck is going on with these links. Earlier they were completely different. I’m guessing that the Big Heart has something to do with it and that different messages are there for different people. I bow down and surrender to the technical failure. Also, like I said above …. it’s all down to the Love Rat. Just trust that whatever message you get is the one meant for you.) B x


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