Old Stuff

I am partial to old things (pats other-half on knee).

Reclaimed telephones. Dusty 1960’s vinyl. Muffled record players. Vintage toys. Antique French printing blocks which sit on the shelf looking French and antiquey and not doing much else.

Admittedly, many of the old things I’ve got don’t work too well.

But I still love them.

One thing I really love –  but are almost always a bit cranky- are Old Ideas.

I like collecting ideas, playing with them, looking at them, folding them up, turning them around, sticking them to new backgrounds. Some of my collections of ideas go way back to prehistory. Some are more recent. I don’t keep them in boxes, I keep them in here (taps chest).

My favourite one is from the Middle Ages. Here it is: “In the Middle Ages, everyone believed that the seat of human intelligence was not the brain, but the heart.”

I like this.

In fact (oh my God, oh my God, risky, risky, whaaaa-whaaaa) … I believe this.

THERE, I SAID IT. Okay. Pant. It’s out. It’s declared. I, Bethan Stritton, officially believe that human intelligence rests not in the head but in the heart.

If you aren’t vomiting, or kicking me out of your gang, then you’re probably thinking something along these lines:

  “In the Middle Ages they also had ideas about the world being flat and that it was acceptable for knights (portrayed as holier-than-thou UN peacemakers), to rip through the countryside shredding up whichever culture didn’t fit into their ideology (which our governments would never dream of doing these days. Ahem.)”.

And yet – despite all of that – I still really believe that the Middle Agers were onto something.

In today’s culture we put so much value on the mind, the ego, analytical thought. We’ve become pro-brain and built machines and great cities that tower up to the sky and we have patted ourselves on the backs for being such an Intelligent Bunch of Homo-Sapiens, (whilst regularly eradicating other Homo Sapiens who we don’t approve of. Ha!).

Yes, the mind is amazing, incredible, wonderous. It is oozing with information, mechanical processes, logic (come now, let us bow down to the logic of twoooooofff), but the heart holds a different sort of intelligence; the mysterious, the divine, the incomprehendible intelligence of consciousness that breathes ideas into life.

The heart holds The Force.  The heart is The Force.

When people are heart-led (as opposed to brain led) they tend to be compassionate. More often than not they will be in integrity. Their relationships are respectful loving, honoring. They have insight. They are OPEN hearted to new people, new things. It’s when we are open hearted to life that amazing things happen. When we put our heart into doing what we love, the results are staggering. When we get to the heart of the matter, we reach the core, the centre, the truth of something. When people have heart-to-heart conversations, massive relationship healing/bonding takes place.

What does it mean to put your heart and soul into something? It means to give something EVERYTHING you have got.

Because it’s now February and February means “hearts” and because I believe that our hearts have The Force, this is what I am going to be writing about.

This will be very interesting for you. It will make your life good.

In fact, the first post might even help you to become rich. So if the thought of reading about hearts is too gooey for you, then just think about money! So come back at 8.30ish and have a pook (bit like a peek but more grown up).

Opening Your Heart to Prosperity (aka. Get Rich Quick You Uncompassionate Pro-Brainer)

2nd Feb @ 8.o0pm ish

See you then!


2 thoughts on “Old Stuff

  1. It really is funny- I was just thinking this morning about thoughts being like a steering wheel and feelings being like fuel. You do need both to make a move. The brain controls the direction but without the heart you might only be able to turn some wheels – going nowhere nonetheless.
    Really looking forward to those upcoming post as the topic couldn’t fit any better at the moment! Thanks hon, as always!

    • Cross seas telepathy hon! And you know what? I was driving earlier – hands on wheel funnily enough – and thinking, it really is a balance between heart and head. Like you say, we so need the thought to get us to where we want to go and the feeling, the passion – the heart – is what drives us. Love it!!

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