Delighting The Postman

When my friend J writes an email, she must always use Comic Sans font in a distinctive, jazzy colour.

It is essential to the survival of Planet Earth. 

We once had a hypothetical conversation about what might happen if she didn’t brand her emails and came to the conclusion that the world would most certainly end. Magnetic poles would shift. All life would vanish for 100,000 light years. Devastation would unfold in every corner of the Universe.  

It’s quite staggering to think that our future rests on those emails. I’m very glad I don’t have to shoulder that burden.

However, other important responsibilities do lie with me. (We all have our callings in life.)

Mine is delighting the post man.

The Postman Delighting started with a Christmas present that I sent to a friend in London. The parcel was wrapped up in brown paper. To add a little va-va-voom I created a nice border around the address. Next I put on some petals, thinking that it would give the postman something interesting to look at. (Imagine having to constantly work with junk mail, bills and bank statements. Borrrrrrr-ing!) Anyway, once I’d completed the petal design, I decided to go the whole hog and created an miniture work of art inside each petal.

Several months later, when I visited my friend in London, I noticed that she had kept the brown paper and attached it to her fridge. It wasn’t just the postman that the parcel wrapping had delighted!

After that I started to sell more and more of my books and every time I sent one off, I would add something to delight the postman. Sometimes it would be a scene with meadows and flowers. Sometimes it would be a person or an animal. But my favourite is still the flower structure.

Now I don’t feel right sending a parcel unless it offers the postman some delightfulness. After all, it’s not just the postman, but the post mistress, sort office and recipient that will be deprived if the package isn’t complete. It doesn’t take long just to add a bit of extra gorgeousness to something you are sending out.

I am sensing that a few of you reading this want to do some postman delighting yourself. If you are feeling the urge (you know you are!!), right click on the image below and save onto your computer, then you can print it off, add your own doodles and wah-lah! (Just selotape to parcels).


And here is another one which is already completed (for reluctant doodlers). Make as many copies as you like. Your postman will be very happy.

What I like about the brown paper option is that it’s very easy to do and unfiddly. Yesterday whilst I was lying in the bath I suddenly had this vision that there could be a new way to delight the postman. How about a Hand Stitched Felt Envelope that could be stitched up to seal and then the receiver could reuse it?

Fabric envelopes!

It could be enough to start a Vibrant Packaging Revolution!

(I maintain that just like knitting and vintage tea sets, writing letters by hand and actually posting them in real post boxes will become hugely fashionable in the near future).

The idea of making a felt envelope was too much for me. I leapt out of the bath, threw on some clothes and hurried downstairs to make a prototype. First I cut out an address square on the front of the envelope (and added an inner pocket so addresses could be altered). Next I cut out an area in the top right hand corner and added a pocket for another slip of paper (for the stamp). At this point a friend came around and he pointed out that I could just slip a paper envelope inside the holder and that it would work just as well.

This was kind of demoralising as it would no longer be a felt envelope, but a felt envelope holder.

Since that demoralised moment, the felt envelope has now been put on stand by. I’m not abandoning it entirely but I will need to think it through further. In the meantime I shall continue to delight the postman with my flower designs.

I am soon going to be adding a CARDS page to my website and when I manage to perfect the Felt Envelope I will put some on there and the Vibrant Packaging Revolution can continue.

Finally – while we’re on the subject of cards, I just wanted to share with you one of my favourite birthday cards from Friday. It’s designed and handmade by my gorgeous friend Janin, who is a very talented and very special to me. I especially love the cow parsley/dandelion design in the background. I think it might live on my window sill for the rest of the year.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Delighting The Postman

    • Yay! You should. But make sure you put the stamps on first!! In all of my letter sending enthusiasm I posted two without stamps and now have to write a email to the receiver who lives in America before she gets a nasty surprise. Oops. Xx

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