Then something astonishing happened. One day, early in the morning, thin columns of white smoke were seen to be coming out of the tops of the tall chimneys of the factory! People in the town stopped and stared. “What’s going on they cried? Someone’s lit the furnaces! Mr Wonka must be opening up again!”

They ran to the gates, expecting to see them wide open and Mr Wonka standing there to welcome his workers back.

But no! The great iron gates were still locked and chained as securely as ever, and Mr Wonka was nowhere to be seen. – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


The only way I can describe how I feel about opening up this blog again is wonka-ish. I’ve been brewing and musing and gathering up the lusciousness for so long. (You wouldn’t believe how long!)

When I think of my old blog, I see it like a meandering pathway; a dusty track, cut out through life, ideas and reflections. Lots and lots of you joined the stomp and danced along beside me. I want to thank you all for that.

But this blog is different.

This blog is like a Honey Factory. It’s going to have shelves that reach the ceiling and are crammed with gorgeous sweets and unexpected treats. Surprising and sometimes risky delightfulness will be waiting for you.

Feel free to pedal up on your cyber bicycle, lean it against the wall in the sunshine, then come in and have a cup of tea any time, any day.

Feel free to explore the nooks and crannies. Spend as much time as you like looking around. As you can see there are changes in the decor. There are even secret passageways into my website through the birdcage, up there (to your right). >>>>

Some people might want to ask, “Where did you go and why are you back?”

Well, there were lots of reasons why I went. I kept on doing too much, getting burnt out then waking around in circles. It was time to close the door on an old part of my life, retreat and cocoon for a while. So in July 2010, I shut the blog gates for good. If anyone tried to google the blog it said “PRIVATE – DO NOT ENTER” on the door.

Even I didn’t go in.

Instead I went off on some other travels, meeting lots of interesting people and many interesting things along the way. There were canvases, journals, felt flowers, sausage dogs, birds, Russian Dolls, glass blowers, vintage tea sets, princesses and more. 

Yet as the year crept on the thought of unlocking the door and peering around blogland began to tease and taunt me.

In December I gingerly took out the key.

I summoned the courage to unlock the door (you never know what you are going to find in a deserted blog). 

As I crept in I found that it was pretty dusty inside. There were cobwebs EVERYWHERE. Little ghosts and shadows flitted and vanished as I opened the shutters and the sunshine flooded in.

And as I glanced around I knew that there was really no question. The idea of being back in the blogging world, of reopening the doors and displaying the big jars of weird, wonderful stuff of every day living was too tempting.

So on this fabulous, wonderful day … the 28th of January … the doors are officially reopened. I cordially invite you to come here often, drink tea, make a miscellaneous of new friends.

And sample delicious treats for your mind and soul.

                                                          And discover creative inspiration and recipes for gorgeousness.

And unlock strange treasures, vintage makers and tins full of wishes and dreams.

Make friends with your fears (such as climbing high shelves) and learn to fill your life jars with dazzling colour and vibrancy.

So welcome in, welcome in, welcome in.


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