If A Miracle Could Happen What Would It Be?

There is a reason I like rope swings. 

I like them because they wake up my heart. As I swing like a wild, twenty-nine and a half year old woodland fairy, I am suddenly free from responsibilities, from mortgages, from incomes and quibbles about nothingness. 

Rope swings make my stomach fizz. They take my breath away. They make me feel like I can dream about the future and still whoop with the thrill of possibility.

They make me see the truth.

That I’m free.

On Sunday I will be exactly the same age that Harry was when he was murdered.

For one day I, Bethan Christopher, will be as old as my big brother, Harry Christopher. We’ll be like twin flames, one next to the other. Then the moment will pass and I’ll continue my journey towards thirty.

I wonder what will happen. I wonder if it will feel different.

If a miracle could happen on Sunday – a Passover miracle – what would it be?

This would be my miracle;

I would wake up and my heart would be free. I would become completely and utterly aligned with my heart. And just like the language of my heart, I would speak and express my truth courageously. I would trust in the truth of my heart, even if that meant stirring things up, breaking the rules, rocking the boat, doing things that disrupted the status quo, dysfunctional relationships or the world itself.

I would no longer try to silence my heart and instead I would miraculously begin to live by it. And, step by step, as I dared to live by my heart I would unlock my Self and in turn begin to unlock the hearts of others. My heart would become my pathway and together we’d travel, hand in hand, heart in heart, free.


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