Random Acts of Gorgeousness – The Return

I am feeling so happy!! And so grateful! And so utterly overcome with Love for Life!!

In the past when I’ve committed my random acts of gorgeousness, I have done it for no other reason save the act of giving. Of course I do get something back from it … it makes me feel good … It makes me feel connected to humanity in a deep, lovely way.

One thing is for sure. For some reason, I have never expected a random act of gorgeousness to be committed BACK to me!

Today I went to a school to do a positive thinking and Goal Mapping workshop. Just before it started I went out to my car, which was parked on the street, to get my basket of pens and folder. In front of my car a man was soaping down his black convertible. 

  “Got time to do another one?” I joked to him. He laughed as I pointed to my dusty, grimy little car.

 I then went inside, completed the workshop which was a huge success and on returning to my car, stopped and stared around. Where was it? My filthy, bird poo splattered car had vanished and in it’s place was a shining, gleaming, gorgeous bottle green car! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The paintwork was shiny as a new pin. The hub caps were glinting their former silver instead of mud brown. My windscreen shone like crystal.

  “He did it!” I gasped, unable to contain my wonder. Because that’s what I was feeling. Wonder. Wonder and love and joy that another human being could be so … so … kind!

Every time I think of my car gleaming, I am filled with this beautiful feeling. It’s not the fact that I have a clean car that’s effected me this way – it’s the gorgeousness of people. So there you have it! Random Acts of Gorgeousness – the Return. Thank you man with the black car. Whoever you are.


8 thoughts on “Random Acts of Gorgeousness – The Return

  1. something a little similar happened to me, I had my car cleaned by my usual friendly man, paid up and drove way. That night in Brighton I left my car parked up in the lanes and went for dinner. On my return I have never seen so much bird shit, it looked like an albatross or two had used my car as a toilet!! so next morning I drove into the hand car wash again, we had friendly banter, he spent ages scrubbing my soft top, and repolishing my car until it looked new again…………… When I went to pay, he said it was free of charge, such a beautiful thing to do for someone. I know the world is a beautiful place and little acts of kindness like this remind me. CAROL x

  2. The most wonderful thing about this is that he simply left……an act of true kindness, expecting nothing in return. I think, if people realized the glow one gets from doing something unbidden for another, it would become quite contagious, and what a better place the world would be.

  3. Hi Kev, I had no idea it felt so nice to be Random-Acted-Upon and I was powerfully touched by the gorgeousness of this act. It was contagious in that everyone I saw after that I just wanted to talk to, open my heart to and connect with. I’m still stunned by it and the way it made me feel.

    Bring on the Random Acts, people!!

  4. Hi Carol,

    What a lovely story. I wonder if someone conducted a
    survey about Random Acts of Gorgeousness there would be a difference between the random acts of men and the random acts of women.

    For example, I bet more men do car-washing random acts than women do! I have a friend who sends people books that she thinks they would like, just for the act of giving.

  5. You’re so right Kate. I haven’t felt that alive and inspired for ages. I hope that whoever the man is he can somehow feel all of my joy and gratitude at what he did.

    Although, I suspect he gets a little smile on his face each time he thinks of what he did too … X

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