Congratulations Fizzybomb!

Yesterday was the final day in the Name Your Book Competition. The name I’ve decided on for this series of D.I.Y children’s books is “Book Bloomers” by Fizzy Bomb.

Well done hon! I love the name. The thought of a pair of old fashioned knickers and children’s books combined made me laugh. Also, it perfectly complements the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness theme. 

Your signed G.Y.O.G book will be on it’s way to you first thing tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone else who joined in. There were some fab ideas, one of  which has triggered a possible future project …


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Fizzybomb!

  1. wow your truly wonderful, beautiful book arrived today, I’ve never won anything before, so thank you so much! It’s inspiring and just what I needed, you have a real gift Bethan. It’s my sister in laws birthday soon I will order her a copy if I may. I know she will treasure it as I will mine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thank you for making my weeknd!

    • I’m SO glad you like it Fizzybomb. If you want to order a copy for your sister-in-law you can do it through my Etsy or Folksy shop. Check out the GYOG Boutique and you’ll find them. X

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