Gorgeousness Journey Essentials

“Oh my God! What happened to this room?!”

I jerk around to see A in the doorway, a look of stunned horror on his face. He gawps at the mess.   

“Nothing happened,” I shrug. “I’m just packing.”

A has been my husband for five years and he’s been my partner for nearly fourteen.

He should know that I hate packing. He should understand how confused, baffled, bewildered and overwhelmed I get by the idea of having to organise clothing for ten solid days of interchangeable weather. Surely by now he should expect the drawers to be emptied onto the floor, the bed to be lost in piles of clothes and for the wardrobe to spew long lost sarongs and floaty dresses each time we go abroad.

I glance around at the mess. Okay, it does look like we’d been burgled by someone with a fabric fetish. 

  “I couldn’t find that pair of purple shorts,” I explain sheepishly.

Shaking his head, A leans over, magically plucks the shorts-in-question out from beneath my thickest winter jumper and says, “Stick what you want to take in a pile in the hall and I’ll pack it later.”

A is good at packing. He has Ways. He does clever things like stuffing multiple knickers and socks into wedding shoes. He can fold tightly. He can get items into places that I wouldn’t even dream of. He never ends up rushing to town to buy ten new things to wear – that don’t get worn. He is organised, efficient and selective. So generally I just leave all the packing to him.

You’ll be pleased to know that on the Journey Into Gorgeousness, we won’t be needing to pack much at all. You’ll be even more pleased to know that I won’t be packing on behalf of you.

Everything that you’ll need is already inside you. The only extra is some paper/ a journal/pad (and a pencil or two). It doesn’t really matter what sort of pad you use, but I like to find one with blank paper so I can draw as well as write my notes.

So, here you are. Your list of Gorgeous Journey Essentials …

Imagination – Many people will try to say they don’t have an imagination, but that’s untrue. If I asked you to describe your front door, you would be able to tell me what it’s like and to do this you have to imagine what it looks like. Your imagination is one of your greatest tools for creativity. It also acts as a doorway into your subconscious mind, allowing you to access your deep inner world of  gorgeousness.

Symbolism – In Sicily they speak in Italian. In the world of your inner gorgeousness, the language is Symbolism. Essentially, the images/impressions that you come upon during the meditations in this journey are messages from your Deep Self. They are symbols and the meanings you find in them are the messages. One of the most important things you can do in this journey is to learn the unique language of your Gorgeousness.

Storytelling – A while ago I posted a piece around storytelling and how we need to trust ourselves to let the story come through. The meditations and visualisations we’ll be using in the Gorgeousness Journey are like this form of storytelling. We need to let go and allow our hidden myths to unfold and be told.  

Journaling – Journaling helps your imagination and subconscious mind to create connections, patterns and structures of meaning. It’s a great way to record, reflect and dig deeper into what you learn through the exercises. Get a journal!

Art and Creativity – Celebrating and expressing what we discover through art and creative form not only helps us to find completion, but it’s also a great way to share what we are learning with the people in our life.

Questions – I love questions. the power of questioning is so OVERLOOKED in this world! The right questions allow us to discover new answers. The wrong questions lead us to dead ends. When you choose questions well, they act as secret trails that can lead us to deep answers, truth and ever increasingly levels of Gorgeousness. Questions takes us on Quests of Our Own Thinking. Learn to love questions!

So there you have it. Imagination, symbolism, storytelling, journaling, visioning, arts and creativity and questions are the six essential things you’ll be needing to take with you.

Tonight I will be posting the first footstep into your Gorgeousness Journey. See you then!


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