Off To Sea-sa-lee

We’re off to Sicily for the next ten days, so it may be a little quiet around G.Y.O.G.  for the next week and a bit.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for SO long. This is what I’m planning …  

1. To get up at dawn (ish) and do my Yoga practise and meditation whilst everyone else is sleeping.

2. To sample vast feeeeeasts of Sicilian cuisine.

3. To fill up my journal with vibrant, energised sketches and doodles. That reminds me … I haven’t packed the paints!

4. To learn a wee smattering of Italian.

5. To come back feeling relaxed, centred and inspired about Everything.  

Until then, bare in mind that the competition to win your copy of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness ends on the 30th of June, so if you have any bright ideas for my series of D.I.Y children’s books get them in. Wishing you a gorgeous week ahead everyone.

Ciao for now!


7 thoughts on “Off To Sea-sa-lee

  1. Just to say have the best holiday ever and come back refreshed with lots of GYOG ideas. Florence and Nelson send their lovexxxxx

  2. Enjoy your trip! I have been to Sicily many times and love it each time. One thing I learned was to go to the same restaurant a couple nights in a row, the people were somewhat cold the first night, however after a couple of nights of seeing you they would take you in as family.

  3. Hi Aimee,
    Thanks for visiting GYOG! I have officially done about a million doodles. I think I may have driven my other half mad and I had to buy my daughter a new pad as I pinched all of her paper. Eek. Never mind … doodles will be posted soon. Come back soon! X

  4. Hi Debs,
    Thanks for taking such good care of Flozza and Nels. I think Nelson has been having a few scraps with the locals … he’s lost hair on his head and his tail. Maybe he’ll be able to squeeze through the cat flap with a little less fluff to jam him in!
    PS. I have lots of juicy GYOG ideas ready and waiting. X

  5. Hi Mark … and thanks for the advise.
    I had no Internet access whilst away apart from a very brief trip to the local library when I read your comment … which I then reported back to Andrew. You are so right about the cool facade that turns to warm, openhearted loveliness. We experienced the same thing, especially at this one restaurant on the beach.

    In general though, I thought that most of the people were really nice … It probably helped taking a blonde, curly haired, blue-eyed, four year-old-cherub-lookalike with us!

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