Growing Beyond The Recession Mindset

One of my friends in London has been hit hard by the recession. Over the past ten years she has had a string of well paid, high powered jobs yet since her last contract ended at the start of 2010, she has been unable to find work. 

Frighteningly, she’s not alone. Thousands of well qualified, experienced people are being forced to apply for jobs that not only would they never have considered in the past, but are so few that there is a minute chance of them even getting an interview. At times like this it’s hardly surprising that a mindset of desperation starts to set in.

Despite her high-flying jobs, my friend is a deeply spiritual and intuitive woman.

Aware that her desperation at being unemployed was recreating more of the same experience, she rang to ask me how she could shift her inner state to help attract job interviews.

I shared a process that involved her first shifting her focus onto what she wanted rather than what she feared; secondly to create an inner state that would align her with success, wealth, happiness and prosperity. 

As I put the phone down I felt really excited. I made the decision that should the process bring good results for my friend, then I would write a post on G.Y.O.G. for you guys and girls.  

And yesterday I had a call.

Guess who?

Yup, you guessed it. My friend was positively bursting with positivity. Since completing the process and shifting her inner state that day, the interviews had been flooding in. She was utterly gobsmacked and could not believe her luck.

What had been an opportunity drought had become a opportunity waterfall of Niagara style proportions. She has interviews lined up all next week, which is when I’ll be away in Sicily, but I am 100% sure that she’ll be in work again by the time I get back.

If you are up for trying to shift your inner state and grow beyond the recession mindset, here’s how to do it … 

 Please note; It’s important that you approach these tools with the right attitude. When my friend rang she  believed that I could offer her a way to help create new opportunities. Belief is a vital ingredient to this recipe for success. Secondly she honoured and valued the tools that she received. It was with a sense of respect and faith that she used them. On the other hand, you could complete the process with a “gung ho”, “give it a whirl” sort of attitude. That seems to work well too!

Are you ready? Then let’s begin …

1. Sit quietly with a pen and paper. Relax yourself and know that you are about to participate in creating a powerful new stream of wealth and success into your life. Now, start to imagine that by some incredible piece of luck, you have found your ideal job. What is this job? What do you do? Who are you with? How much do you earn? Where is your office? Are you in an office? What does this job enable you to do in your personal life? Begin to list all of the aspects that make your perfect job and don’t stop until you have at least thirty.

2. At the top of this list write “I have my perfect job!” As you write it feel the emotions! You have just bagged your DREAM job!! Now write “I start on ….” and fill in the date.

3. Still imagining that you have been successful at your interview, build on those feelings. Create a scene in your mind. How do you feel after the call? How does your body feel when something great happens? What are you going to do now? Call friends and family? Crack open a celebratory bottle of wine? Email people? Imagine what you say to them. How are you feeling emotionally? Triumphant, relieved, successful, lucky?

4. Really FILL YOUR SELF with these amazing feelings and as you build this positive state to a climax, press your thumb and index finger together hard. Do this several times. This bookmarks the positive state in your consciousness. By aligning yourself with the feeling of having your perfect job, your subconscious mind will begin to steer you towards that experience in your outer life. You’ll begin to notice more opportunities and create a positive pool of success around you as you attend interviews.

5.  Finally thank yourself for doing such good work. Thank your life for bringing to you the experience you are currently having. Thank Life Itself for the experience of success and opportunity that is flowing your way. Every day keep your mind focused on these positive feelings. Don’t try to force anything, simply trust that you are allowing success to come to you. Continue to apply for your jobs, but do it whilst feeling joyful that you already have your dream position.

6. Watch this space!



4 thoughts on “Growing Beyond The Recession Mindset

  1. When you get back from your hols, I wonder if you would write me a process like this for me but not about a job… I’ll talk when you’re back.
    I think…I might believe in you….

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