Today Was The Day!

Quite some time ago I wrote a post that talked about my idea to send a copy of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness to Prince Charles … then asking if he would pass it onto his mum. I have been meaning to do this for ages. I even dreamt about doing it, yet the time never felt quite right.

Well, today was the right day.

This is what inspired me.

And now GYOG has zoomed off on its mission to Her Royal Highness. Its journey has begun. I wonder how it is feeling? Scared? Dizzy? Determined?

What’s your passion? What would it take for you to champion your passion?

What original, strange, unusual ways would you dare to thrust your passions into the world?


2 thoughts on “Today Was The Day!

  1. Well God speed to it! I hope it does reach her Majesty.
    I guess publishing my book took a lot of courage but I had a lot of help, both practical and emotional. Both of which I needed very badly!
    I enjoyed the Ho’oponapono article too; made sense of something I read recently elsewhere and slotted in as an extra piece of a very complex puzzle.
    Let us know what the response is.

  2. Hi Viv, I hope it gets there too! I have this little thought that Gorgeousness is like an angel that flutters out to where it needs to be. Even if it doesn’t end up with the Queen Herself, wouldn’t it be amazing if Prince Charles flicked thorugh it? And doesn’t he have a publishing house? Hmmm ….
    I will certainly let you know what happens! X

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