Journal Sketches

I’ve been rummaging around in my stuff today. Found an old sketchbook/journal from our travels around India 10 years ago. Now I am feeling inspired to bind myself a gorgeous new journal with a great swath of natural, grainy paper to take to Sicily with me. It’s going to be a collection jar stuffed full of people, dogs, hills, bugs, cafes, tiles and textures. I wonder how they will look … how the colours of Sicily will happen to the art. In our Indian travels I decided to express places not in the colours I saw, but the colours I felt to be true. Here are a few glimmers from the journey …

First stop, Srinagar, Kashmir (some believe that Jesus survived the cross and was buried in this city).

Then we flew to Chennai/Madras (the city where my grandad was born).

This was New Creation Corner, a cafe in Auroville – City of Dawn, Tamil Nadu. 

The view from our window in Bangkok.

Our guesthouse lounge in Siem Reap. A complicated floor to draw!

Guesthouse garden in Phnom Phen. There were child prostitutes in the doorways with bright red lipstick and tired faces.

Thailand. The last guesthouse before home …



12 thoughts on “Journal Sketches

  1. Oh my God this was so cool! I am what some people call a sensitive, and I can easily sense a vibe immediately when I travel somewhere new. I am going to try this color thing next time I go somewhere. So cool!

  2. It’s good fun Scott. An old lady I met in India taught me the technique and it mischievously nudged my Rules Are For Fools streak. The other part of this allowing yourself to capture the essence rather than the actual picture … hence why these drawings look a bit childlike. But hey, some of the best pictures I’ve seen were done by four year olds! X

  3. Hi Lua and thanks. It’s so easy to do .. you should try it whilst your novel is cooling! All you need is a pencil, a black biro and a cheap, garish tin of kid’s watercolour paints (and obviously a paintbrush too!) X

  4. I love these. There is a naivety and a wisdom in them that is very refreshing; reminds me of that painting, by Klimt: The Kiss, I think it is called.

  5. Bethan – I love these sketches. They are amazing! Looks like it was a wonderful trip. We were also traveling in India and Thailand ten years ago. Man, I can’t believe it’s been that long…thanks for bringing those memories back to me.

    • Thanks Susie. Like I said somewhere up there on one of the other comments, it’s amazing what you can do with a tin of gaudy kids paints! Time does go so quickly doesn’t it?! I fell pregnant towards the end of the trip – hence why we came home, but I am thinking about booking tickets for my new little tribe to go out in Jan again. Have you been anywhere like that since your kids were born?

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