Name your book!

One of my earliest memories is of being lost in a market. One minute I was holding my mum’s hand. The next moment I looked up, only to realize that the owner of the hand I was holding WASN’T my mum!

All I recall after that was being pushed and joustled by passing people. My head was the same height as people’s hips and the world of grown ups seemed to be way up above me.

It felt as though I was drowning in a river of people!

It is this memory that has inspired one of my latest children’s books. I say “latest”, but to be honest I created this book several years ago, when I was pregnant with Rowan. A little while ago I pulled it out of my art file and decided that it was about time this book was bound and turned into the gorgeous, vibrant creation that it was born to be ….

This book is no ordinary book. To begin with, it has no title … or author and is completely interactive. Designed for young aspiring authors to pen themselves, the child looks through the book, decides what the story line should be, then uses the spaces available to write the text in their own words. They can use their own language, their own handwriting and their own ideas to style their book in whichever way they choose.

My current working title for the series is NAME YOUR BOOK. So far I haven’t managed to come up with anything else. I have plans to create a whole series of books designed around the same concept but I can’t progress until I have a better title for the series. I want something that sounds really juicy and creative … perhaps something with the word “budding” in as it reminds me of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness.

Do you have any ideas? If you do, please let me know. I’m going to send a signed copy of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness to the person that sparks off the winning name, so get your thinking caps on all of you gorgeous creatives and tell me what you think!


9 thoughts on “Name your book!

  1. it’s beautiful Bethan, a really wonderful book! Here is my idea:

    [blank for thier name]’s book of absolute favourite things, best ever memories and really fantastic future dreams and wishes.

    no budding, but there it is, k 🙂

  2. It looks beautiful Bethan! And I loved the idea of the book being interactive…
    (And before I forget- the new look of the blog is wonderful- well done!) 🙂

  3. Hi Beth!
    What do you think about:

    or (that would be my favotite)


  4. Hi Mary Kate, what a great idea!

    This particular book is actually a story that the kids have got to write, but I LOVE the idea of creating an interactive journal like you suggested. I think I may have to pop that on the ideas board for a later date!! X

  5. Hey Lua, Thanks for coming by.

    I racked my heart and brain for a way to sum up the gorgeousness blog with one header. It was really beginning to worry me because nothing seemed quite right. I spent HOURS painting pictures and cutting them up and pushing them together again. In the end I just let go and waited for the Universe to throw me the perfect thing. And this was what emerged! I love it too. Thanks for being such a lovely supportive blog-friend! XXX

  6. Hi Bethan,

    How about
    “My Bloomin’ Book”
    “I’m Bloomin’ Brilliant Book’
    “My Life is Bloomin’ Great”

    When does the competition end?

    Much love, I loooooove all your pictures so much, do you sell them?

    • Hi Fizzy,

      My Bloomin’ Book … Blooming Books … Book Bloomers? I like that. It has a great ring to it. Hmmm. Does Book Bloomers make you think of pink spotty pants?

      I was just thinking today that I will keep the competition open until the end of June, which is when I get back from Sicily. And yes, I am going to be selling some prints and things on here soon – as well as the Blooming Book and the updated edition of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. All of that is going to be relaunched in July as well as some other stuff hopefully. Keep an eye out, but until then pop by any time! X

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