Underneath the Mango Trees

Underneath the mango trees, the wild women of Atlantis scrubbed their laundry, licked mango juice off their arms and taught their daughters how to live life deliciously. They taught them the art of turning stories into life and turning sorrow into Art … mistakes into beauty. They taught them ways to lose themselves in the outrageous dinner party of life. And then contribute the dishes of their own making. They shared with them the power of refusing to bow down, play the game, chase the should dos, must dos, have tos … They demonstrated the healing that comes when someone can finally wrap their arms around their painful parts, broken hearts, beautiful flaws … and say “I love you” anyway.

From a book in the making”The Mangofesto”

Art and Words by Bethan Stritton


4 thoughts on “Underneath the Mango Trees

  1. How beautiful Bethaan, just love the images your words conjure up for me. There are so many time I want to reply to your articles, but somehow lifes journey takes me in other directions. Keep posting I so enjoy receiving them.

    CAROL x

  2. Thanks so much Carol. Life journeys are good … and let’s be honest, the best ones tend to happen away from the computer! And while there is juice in this pen I will keep posting. Lots of love to you. XXX

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