Oh yes. Changes. Like ’em or hate ’em, they’re a fact of life.

Some changes are welcome ones – like moving to a gorgeous new home or the arrival of spring after a long, long winter.

Other changes are not so welcome, such as redundancy or break ups.

Certain changes can just be plain baffling. Take for example my mother, who has spent her entire life treating soya milk as if it’s come from the breast of Satan. Yet now, after meeting Her New Man – who is no longer that new – now uses soya milk in everything. There is no longer milk anywhere to be found in her fridge. I have even heard lectures on soya milk’s health-giving properties (which I’m not disputing) inflicted on non-soya drinking house guests. 

Changes … welcome, unwelcome and sometimes just weird.  

Where am I going to this? What am I gearing up to? Well, you know this theme that I have here? It’s nice isn’t it? I like it a lot. In fact I’m quite attached to it. I like the brown-ness and the twinkly flowers and I really hate letting go of things that I am comfortable with, but the time is now approaching for a bit of a theme change. A theme shake-up.

GYOG is going to look different.

I  have really tried to think of a way around this. I even purchased a new theme which cost me a fair chunk of money (but being a technophobe have never quite worked out how to assemble it … can you sell unwanted themes on Ebay?). However, buying this useless theme was not completely without it’s uses as it led me to realise that there are lots of other wordpress themes that are much more versatile and have the extra features I’m after.  So, from June 1st onwards the theme will be different.  Change One.

What else …

More changes?

Well, not massive bad ones or anything. I have just sold out of my last Grow Your Own Gorgeousness books, so am going to have to remove them from Etsy and Folksy. Haven’t a clue how to do this yet, so if they still show up there for a few days then you know why.

I’m excited about making up my next batch of books because I have done a huge update on the content. Everyone who has read the book  loved it, but I’ve been itching to add in some delicious new exercises and extra content … which leads to Change Two.

Grow Your Own Gorgeousness is putting on weight. She’s going to become a little more voluptuous. She’s getting curves.

So there. Two little changes. Neither baffling or unwelcome, just delicious, yummy, palm rubbingly gorgeous little tweaks. I just hope you like them too!


5 thoughts on “Cha-cha-cha-cha-changes

  1. Bethan, this is so exciting!! Can’t wait for the new look, I’m sure it’s going to look amazing and congratulations on the new batch of your book!
    Nothing better than some delicious, yummy, palm rubbingly gorgeous little changes, right? 🙂

  2. Have never seen your books? but I am sure they are beautiful and beguiling. I am intolerant to cows milk, soya and goats milk, I have OATLY or sheeps or buffallo milk.

  3. Hi Jenny and Lua,
    Sorry for the delayed response … half term has started and suddenly my house is running wild full of children and their friends! I’m so excited about the changes too … When I began the blog it was like trying out a new style of clothing. I wasn’t sure how it fitted or whether I fitted in to it! But now, after six months I feel that it’s time for a little more thought and creativity (two of my most favourite things) hence the new outfit about to be unleashed … XXX

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