This is what I’d Say

“Hello Bethan,

Long time no speak. This is me – you – except I’m 29 now. Yep, I know … all grown up. Big 29. Oh come on, it’s not that old really …

I have so much to tell you. So much HAPPENS. In your sixteenth year alone many important events are put into place so that other things can follow.

Remember that Halloween party you went to last year? And you know as you walked up the stairs, that tall bloke with the scary blue mask moved out of the way so you could pass? Well, his name is Andrew. He looks different without the mask, but he does do a lot of wall sloping at parties. You may not have noticed him, but he noticed you.  

And you know when you were in Nettie’s house last carnival and Harry said to you, “Beth, Dad’s diabetes getting worse. He may only have a few years left.” Do you remember how you brushed that off, like you thought Harry was just being dramatic? Well, he probably was, but, just make the most out of your relationship with Dad. You are going to get to know him so well, so sweetly … It would a shame not to appreciate it 100% and completely relish that time.

In fact, that goes for all your family.

What else … Your writing?

I know that you’re dying to know whether anything happens with your writing. All I’m going to say is that your perspective towards writing changes … your creativity evolves to a point where you are not writing for writings sake. Instead your writing becomes a vehicle for the message you have for the world. Yes, you have a message for the world, but don’t try and force it. You are evolving, changing, becoming and as you do, so your energy and creations change and evolve too.

When the world is ready to receive what you have to say, the doors will swing open. Be patient.

You may disbelieve now that you will ever have the confidence to speak in a room full of people, stand up for what you believe in or stop feeling so mouse-like, but you do.  A lot of those times where you feel disconnected from the people around you is because you are feeling disconnected from your self. Don’t waste your precious time worrying about that. You will find your power. And everything is perfect right now. Everything is as it should be. You are exactly who you should be.  

Bethan, I know you crave freedom. I know that you desperately want to be free of the institutions you are in, the tight reigns that you are kept on by your family. I know you are constantly battling between doing what Mum and Dad expect you to and what your heart is telling you to do.

A time is going to come soon when you will make a choice. In fact … throughout your life up until now … there are going to be many moments of choice. These hinges in time, these forks your the path may feel chaotic and yes you’ll be scared, but trust yourself. Trust in your heart and the decisions you make. Always, always trust your Self. You make the right choices and you find your freedom.


This has been a very Doctor Who kind of letter. I’m not sure how much I want to tell you, but hopefully this gives you enough. Every little thing you are dreaming about and each action you take, all leads you one step closer to the wonderful life you want to create.

Stay authentic.

Be true to your Self.

Release your need to find approval. 

Don’t waste time  feeling guilty. 

Take responsibility for your choices and always keep your eye on the object of your desire.

I love you, Bethan. And please know that, whatever you go through, everything here in the future is all that you dream of.



3 thoughts on “This is what I’d Say

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  2. Wonderful! I don’t think I was as wise as you at 29. It has taken me until now to figure out so many of those things, but then, I was busy… LOL.
    I especially like “Don’t waste time feeling guilty”. We could all use a reminder for that now and again!
    Thanks so much for participating!

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