Become the change

I’m standing in the doorway of a large, airy hall that is sliced in half by a row of tables.

Here men and women in suits straighten their papers as they wait for the voters to arrive. The atmosphere draws in expectantly. The climax of the election has finally come. And leaning against the door frame, I wonder, will my vote make a difference? After all, the only way a democracy works is if the citizens in it are active participants. So, what about when the day is over? Votes casted, do we continue being “active participants” or do we just sit back, leave the decisions to politicians and then complain about the state of the world, our country, our lives?

I find it hard to believe that any of our political parties will ever steer this planet towards balanced prosperity. The only way to change the world, the systems, the rules and the paradigms we live with, is for us to individually take response-ability and change ourselves. We are the individual units – the small worlds that make up the world at large. It is through us creating our own personal culture of balance, honesty, pro-activity and trust in our homes, communities and workplaces that we can really become the change we vote to see in the world.


4 thoughts on “Become the change

  1. Big changes are the sum of small steps… If one person stops thinking “what can I do, I’m just one person” and decides to change, I call that a first step for something bigger, greater… I don’t think we have the right to blame the world, other people or anything else unless we change ourselves in the direction that we wish the world would change. Great post Bethan! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this Bethan!
    I’m trying to remind myself of this every time I catch myself being critical of someone else. Am I totally perfect? Or is there more that I could be doing to improve myself instead of critisizing someone else…
    It’s great that there are those of us who are starting to get it. We can spread this through our own actions.

  3. Hi Jenny, That whole judgement of others thing can be tricky can’t it? Challenge is, the more you become aware of how much you do something, the more you seem to see yourself doing it! When I’ve tried to release my criticism of others, I try to focus on “looking for what’s gorgeous about others” rather than trying to resist thinking the bad. It sort of helps! lol
    Thanks for popping by!!

    • Yes, it does help so much to look for the beauty in everything! I’ve also noticed, that committing to being less critical and more compassionate in regards to others has led to a natural state of being less critical and more compassionate to myself.
      It’s the ultimate win/win!

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