R.A.O.G#1 Accomplished. Over and Out.

Random Act of Gorgeousness: Planting a copy of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness in a strategic place for random strangers to find.

Why did I do it? I remembered that last time I went to the dentist, I sat in the waiting room, surrounded by a neatly displayed fan of celebrity/women’s magazines. Feeling fidgety and bored, I picked up a magazine and flicked my way through. On every other page there were adverts selling “younger skin”, airbrushed models offering makeup, new diets, new solutions to women’s ongoing quest for body perfection. These innocent-seeming magazines are like the ambassadors of the Dangling Carrot of Ideal Beauty – the body perfection that so many women are desperate to reach and go to such lengths to attain. As the clock ticked closer to my appointment, I counted over 25 full page adverts cleverly designed to nibble away at the reader’s self esteem. Then I looked around me at all of the women sitting there, young and old, flicking vacantly through these magazines – just as I had – yet completely oblivious to the process being triggered within their subconscious self.  

How did it happen? Today, before my six monthly check up, I grabbed a copy of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness and popped it into my bag. When I got to the dentist I asked the receptionist whether I could put it in the waiting room with all of the celeb mags. She took it with interest, carefully opened it and without looking up said “I’ll have to check with the surgery manager.”

So, what happened then? I thanked her, turned away and I’d barely walked to the waiting room when the reception suddenly sailed past, declaring “I’ve made a decision. It’s staying here.” She placed my book on top of all the Self Worth Eater magazines and flashed me a triumphant smile. That grin was like a high five to the Way Of Gorgeousness.

And then? Well, I just sat there, unable to take my eyes off Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. It seemed to glow with handmade, magical gorgeousness amongst the glossies. Then the dental assistant called my name. I left my gorgeous little book there to spread it’s message of self-kindness and generally do what it does best.


2 thoughts on “R.A.O.G#1 Accomplished. Over and Out.

  1. I’m truly happy for the people (who ever they may be) who’ll get to read your book Bethan! I love the idea of “random act of gorgeousness”- if only more people would use their creative energy in the ways that you do… 🙂

  2. Hi Lua. I’d love to be a “fly on the wall” in that waiting room and get to witness people’s reactions to the book. I don’t think they will know quite what to make of it at first. They’ll either go to their dental appointment bewildered or liberated!

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